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  1. Because they're completely uneducated brainwashed fools. Think of it like the Americas in the 1600's. I say we parachute a few million DVDs, McDonalds, and Xbox 360s all over the country. Cheaper than bombs, and would make them as complacent as us.
  2. I guess so their ideology is just way different to us.

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  4. As bizarre as this sounds, operation Gladio was real. I think you're referring to that?
  5. As history shows, rioting and major events/periods of social unrest tend to occur in the warmer months of the year. This European summer is going to be batshit crazy, #$%#ing off the hook rioting and chaos on all sides, and more attacks.
  6. Had not heard of operation gladio. Interesting.
  7. haha so true

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  8. Same shit with Paris
    Within 24 hours of all that, there were market explosions in Lebanon and a plane bomb in Egypt (Metrojet 9268, 224 killed) but everyone was all over France with faecbukkake avatars and je suis paris and that kind of ugh.

    Selective gasp.
  9. Shit, I didn't hear a single word on the Rostov crash last weekend which was very likely an attack too (other planes landed despite the bad weather, this one circled for 2 (!) hours before even attempting a 2nd time. Serious shit went on. Tumbleweed. #$%# this.)
  10. White lives matter more
  11. It's just that... nobody cares about sandniggers.
  12. To the terrorists, absolutely. Terrorist marketing 101.
  13. oh sh-
  14. Well... yeah.


    Best analogy in a while.
  15. I remember one of my high school history teachers talked about Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods and the school district about crucified him.
  16. but so many people propose under the 1889 world fair tower, and like my contiki bus went through brussels and i stayed a night there

    so close to home
  17. Excellent.
  18. It was due to weather. Although I was surprised how many terrorist attacks have happened in Russia. Granted most don't have high numbers of dead. That's why I've always thought we need to stop #$%#ing with Russia. We have a common enemy that's killing both of us.
  19. Molenbeek is a nest of terrorists
  20. All other planes at that time landed no problem but that one (before it, after it) at once, it's just weird.

    And the last one, while we were mourning Paris was a pretty big one (200+ killed as I already stated). I was there the week after the metro bombings half a decade ago (time flies), terrible atmosphere, nobody trusting each other, really weird silences everywhere.

    And yeah, stop #$%#ing with them. It may be me, but Russia wants nothing more than minding their own business without being bothered for once.

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