Best bodykit ever?

Discussion in '2006 Novitec Rosso 612 Scaglietti' started by LeeHarveyOzzy, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. The original 612 looks a little boring and plain.
    The only thing it needed was this bodykit. There aren't much changes to the body, but that's just the point. This kit and bigger wheels make it look just a but more exciting and butch, but it still retains the Ferrariness (which most Ferrari lose by adding kits).
  2. the (normal) 612 is plain because it is the stock one..And I don't know what you're talking about, the 'bodykit' is (almost) the same as the normal 612. This Novitec 612 is just lowered and faster.
  3. Their work with the F430 was better.

    And they twin supercharged it.

    As an aftermarket, I'm liking them more and more every day, dare I say, more even than Koenig.
  4. I know they didn't do much, but that was just my point.
  5. body according to the article was left untouched. Looks awesome.
  7. looks great except for the front headlights
  8. i like it looks great. now am starting to like the 612 better
  9. i agree with you completey. everyone is missing your point.

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