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  1. Seems the name 'Casino Royale' automatically equals a shit film.
  2. I voted for Casino Royale, it's certainly the best since Goldeneye. I enjoyed the more down to earth approach of the bad guy instead of the usual giant lair of doom which bond must inflitrate.
  3. But that's not who Bond is. Read Fleming's novels. He's supposed to be like Craig's portrayal made him out to be. Why must this be yet another America vs. World thing? It has nothing to do with being British or American or any other nationality in attitude. Fleming made the character out to be a womanizing thug with a sophisticated exterior. He's not supposed to be a uppity snob who just happens to be able to hold his own in a fight.
  4. Yeah but sod the novels, up until Casino Royale its how the films have shaped the way we see Bond.

    Public impressions of Bond would be the Brosnan type of character, handsome, witty, can fight but has plenty of gadgets to back him up.

    Not some wooden actor with an Easter Island Moai for a head who simply can't act, so he just beats everyone up.

    Casino Royale shouldn't have been a Bond film. It should just be called 'Generic Action Film'.
  5. Exactly, has nothing to do with british/american. I still don't get all the casino royale hatred, great film.
  6. I said before, Brosnan was a good Bond but the "wittiness" was a little over the top. And the gadgets in his movies were WAY over the top. CR and after is trying to be more realistic. Also said before, Craig's Bond hasn't developed his wittiness yet because he's new to the job. Craig has said in interviews that in QoS, Bond will be getting more and more used to what he does so maybe we'll hear some one-liners come showtime. I just hope their not the focus of the movie.
  8. I will argue James Bond for 1000 years
  9. I like them all, so I bought them all on DVD.

    Bond #1
  10. I simply observed that in this thread, almost everyone who's complained about Moore is American, whilst almost everybody else finds him great.
  11. I am not American and I think Roger Moore is a lousy Bond.

    I voted for Goldeneye. I think Pierce Brosnan would have been a better Bond if they hadn't put him in crappy movies, that one with Halle Berry makes me cringe.
  12. I think Kitsune would make an excellent Bond girl. She has the drop-dead good looks and the charm that all the other Bond girls have, but also has the smarts, neigh, brilliance that's so absent in the others.
  13. Read about Quantum of Solace today, sounds like it starts about an hour after Casino Royale took place. Opens in Nov in USA#1, sweet.
  14. Peter Sellers FTW.
  15. man, this thread is full of idiots. wtf
  16. Now 70% have voted for Goldeneye or Casino Royale. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  17. I simply said that Bond is Fleming's (a brit) character, not Broccoli's (an american) character and that Fleming created him to be a badass, not a Fabio.
  18. Bond marathon right now on VH1 of all channels, Living Daylights then License to Kill.

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