Best Bugatti ever ???

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by carfreak, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. May be,

    if you ask me it is brother !<!-- Signature -->
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    Well, when it comes to stats it is most definitely the best! Too bad it costs two arms and a leg.
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    I don't think it's the best, but how can you define "the best car"? It is definitely the fastest, and it is a very good looking car.<!-- Signature -->
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    Best Bugatti up to now, but they always try to improve.
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    Well it's mayeb th ebes tmaybe not, but it all comes down to pesonla opinion and what u want, for top speed this car rules, but for price not many people would be able to afford one
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    hey i found out that the 0-60mph is around 2.8 seconds or less then 3 seconds they actualy have tested it!!!!
    o and plus it has great traction and handing like the 'quattro' system and the '4motion' system, that and better because they add 1 or 2 more torsen's on to the one that already in it! so all 4 whell have superior traction at all times.pretty cool huh!!
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    this is definatly the fastest bugatti eva, iono bout best, i thought the eb110 was way tighter lookin, and some of thier ancient cars are actually worth more, so iono, id take this one first tho! i wunder if dere gonna have a race version of this car... if so i bet itll be the first raace car to have to be tuned DOWN.
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    Yeah. Theis would make an awsome LM 24 hour car.
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    The best -IMO- is the SC 57 Atlantique.
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    without a dout this is the best
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    He's a fan of Italian supercars. I prefer good ol' American beasts.
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    You're a fan of good ol' American beasts? Name the Mustang that can beat this Italian/German supercar.
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    with out a dout it's the beat ever made
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    It's the beat?
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    umm why would we need to find a mustang, or any American car faster than this?

    How, pray tell, would we "beat" this car? straight line? handling? looks? exclusivity? I think we could both agree you could have been more specific. I could say a Sunfire is faster than this, would you be able to prove me wrong? NO. You don't have any hard stats yet, only Bugatti's projected figures.

    I believe the Mosler MT900S would be faster around a track due to its insanely light weight (around 2100lbs), not to mention the fact that it has over 600hp. Does the fact that there have been no tests on the Mosler, or that no one has bought one matter? It shouldn't, seeing the Buggati is the exact same way. I look forward to you trying to say the bugatti is faster, despite lack of tests on either.
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    i have one of these and i can prove its faster than a sunfure. the company has released a few concepts. the euro cars are the kings of automotives. germany, italy, britain who could compete? not america with there cheaper medeoaker cars.

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