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Discussion in '1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport' started by RLQ, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. It is the best looking C4 that was ever made. I love thoes racing stripes.<!-- Signature -->
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    I Like the 2002 ZO6 over this car, but my favorite Vette is a 1967 Stingray.<!-- Signature -->
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    My personal favorite is the 1995 ZR-1. You can't beat a nice ZR-1, even with a Grand Sport engine.
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    Yah, have to go with ZR-1
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    I have a 96, LT4 with the six speed, Collector's Edition. Nice car, fast as hell, but I wanted the Grand Sport, couldn't find one for sale. ANYWHERE. The GS is one bad ass looking car up close, I think its the ZR-1 sized wheels in black, gives it that menacing look.
    My top 10 favourite Vettes:
    (not including mine)
    10. 78 anniversary edition
    9. 71 convertible
    8. 63 split window coupe
    7. 67 tri-power 427 roadster
    6. 90 coupe
    5. 91 Callaway Speedster
    4. C5 convertible-any year
    3. 96 Grand Sport
    2. Z06-any year
    1. 95 ZR-1
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    The Grand Sport is a great car, but it still isn't as good as the ZR-1. That is the best C4, and possibly the best Corvette ever, well street legal at least . . . cuz then you always have the C5-R, which is just awesome. The ZR-1 will forever be Kill of the Hill.
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    I would definitely have to side with the ZR1. The LT5 under the hood says it all.
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    if i could hav any C4 id hav a ZR1, but w/ the GS's stripes. but any vette, a Z06 or a C6 Z51
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    1. Callaway Corvette was best C4
    2. ZR-1
    3. Grand Sport
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    LOL i dont really like how this car looks myself. A little simple and has a sloper back.
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    C4 styling has always been a love it or hate it sort of thing. I happen to love it.
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    Yea with most old Vettes you either hate it or you love it so i can understand when people do like it.
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    yah. have to go with the zr-1

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