Best car of its decade

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  1. Only the ford gt40 was as nice as this
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    Re: Best car of its decade

    Nicly put. I seen one driving by a farm in Calagary.

    1971 MIURA SV
    Chassis #4924
    Engine #30468
    Prod. #656
    17 Aug 1971

    Originally to Modena Car, NY, USA. Originally Red with mustard leather & A/C.

    At one time in Switzerland.

    Owned by Mr. W. Nelson in Indiana prior to 1992. Maintained by John Hajduk.

    In September 1992 appeard For Sale in Ferrari Market Letter with 22,919 km and 2 owners, listed by European Auto Sales, Costa Mesa, CA, USA.

    Most recently in Cleveland, Ohio, USA until Oct 2002.

    Ground-up restoration performed by a Lamborghini specialist. Air conditioning, fire extinguisher system, interior completely original in beautiful condition.

    Now in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with 27,600 Miles.

    This info is taken from he's a pretty good friend from the same city.
  3. Re: Best car of its decade

    It's definitely the best of the 1970s.
  4. I prefer the Ferrari Daytona, but this thing is awesome. It looks and sounds like nothing else!

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