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    I am surfing the awesomeness and I cannot decide who I like the best. Apocalypse is a badass, but to powerful and almighty to be a personal fav. I would have made a poll but I do not really want to put forth that much effort so.. here we are. Who is the best, and why?

    Edit: Mister Sinister looks like a good candidate.
  2. Bling!

    Bone marrow able to produce diamonds of varying quality; can expel diamond shards from her body at high velocity; enhanced durability.

    that is just god awful.
  3. I haven't seen the last Xmen movie yet...but I would say Wolverine because he's so tormented, mysterious and of course hot.
    And the guy in the 2nd Xmen movie, the one with the fire. I don't remember his name.
  4. I always thought Night Crawler was pretty awesome.
  5. Oh and of course Mystique because of the whole morphing into other ppl ability.
  6. Famke Janssen's character cause her special power is being gorgeous
  7. I was expecting more/less serious replies.
  8. Jean or whatever her name is in the third one, she can do anything.
  9. jubilee ftw.
  10. Wolverine

    You can keep your control of the elements, laser vision, gravity, teleporting, blah, blah.

    Big #$%# off blades out of your hands = win.
  11. haha holy crap, talk about Marvel going downhill
  12. Wolverine.
  13. C'mon, people need to learn more about X-Men. I mean, Apocalypse and Mister Sinister can control things on a microscopic level. Everybody is just saying Wolverine. He's cool, I suppose, but you need to be more original.
  14. I don't care how much other one are stronger and more complex.

    Wolverine is the man(mutan)
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  17. Cable FTW...
  18. Gambit rocks all. It's so lame that he wasn't in any of the movies.
  19. I agree, but cable is by far the coolest...maybe bishop.
  20. Magento is the best character and his voice on the cartoon show was perfect.
  21. Wolverine, Iceman, Bishop, Gambit, and Pheonix.
  22. Wolverine, Iceman, Bishop, Gambit, and Phoenix.
  23. I hate to admit it, but McLaren's right; it's Magneto. I mean, he controls one of the goddamn fundamental forces.
  24. I always thought Nightcrawler was pretty awesome. Teleporting would be a badass power.

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