Best character from X-Men

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  1. Phoenix because she's so crazy powerful, but if you take overall power out of the picture and just focus on basic abilities, Magneto wins. Try to think of things you WOULDN'T be able to do with his powers. It's a very short list.
  2. Hmm finally it is tight between magneto and wolverine ...

    And since a thread without pic is useless I have attached a wallpaper I made on wolverine
  3. Chuck Norris.
  4. I'm the Juggernaut, #%!@!
  5. In the whole Marvel Universe?
  6. the most popular marvel characters are:
    1) spiderman
    2) wolverine

    they are the equivalent to the most popular in dc:
    1) superman
    2) batman

    as for villains and other super heroes, marvel has better brand recognition. most of the dc characters are pretty easy to forget.
  7. Deadpool is my favorite Marvel character. Green Lantern is my favorite from DC.
  8. shadow is the shit
  9. green lantern is aight, but there's been like 4 of them. i don't get the deal with deadpool, what is he? he has shapeshifting? some sort of bio-engineered human?
  10. Powers
    Eye-Scream is a mutant with the power to turn into any flavor of ice cream he chooses. He can melt himself down and pass under and through objects.

  11. now that I read a little, Onslaught is now my favie.
  12. Onslaught doesn't even exist physically. He's just the power of Prof Xavier and the hate inside Magneto merged into one.
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    I mean Kyle Rayner's Green Lantern.

    I like Deadpool because he's a crazy mother#$%#er. He's also infinitely badass.
  14. The name's Gambit, remember it.

    Him and Rogue. I had a massive crush on her. Her voice was so sexy.
  15. Roc Raida
  16. Yeah, but the fact that no one could actually harm "it" because it was pure psionic energy is cool.
  17. None. Xmen is for retards.
  18. Wolverine
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  20. Wolverine and gambit.
  21. Whoever that Vampire dude is with the big castle.
  22. Gambit was always my favourite.
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    The Juggernaut #%!@!!
  24. Colossus


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