Best Engine in the world (W16)

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    Just so you all know, the W-16 minus the four turbo chargers Bugatti added, is still stock 987 hp. Believe what you want, but that is some serious horsepower to have on tap right out of the box!!!
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    I wounder what would happen if you tuned a Bugatti Veyron to the max and also installed a NOS-system in it.Especially if you used soft slicks on it.

    PS, i dont know that much about cars. So pease correct me if I said something wrong(or impossible)
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    nah i reckon the McLaren engine is<!-- Signature -->
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    nope........them BMW engine in the McLaren is the greatest<!-- Signature -->
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    I dont think this engine is too well designed. I mean with 16 Cylinders, and Four Turbos and * liters it doesnt make that much(dont get me wrong though, 1000 hp is alot, but its really around 980 on the dyno tests, I think Buggatti just like being in the Quad digits better than the triple.) This engine probably weighs almost as much and if not more than the Vipers V-10. The Mac F-1s engine makes ^0% of the power at about 1/3 the weight, without turbos too.<!-- Signature -->
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    The performance is pretty slow considering it has two V8's side by side. This should do 0-60 in 2 seconds. Best engine in the world would have to go to the McLaren F1.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Koenigsegg CC</i>
    <b>The performance is pretty slow considering it has two V8's side by side. This should do 0-60 in 2 seconds. Best engine in the world would have to go to the McLaren F1.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Well since it "should" go 0-60 in 2 sec, could you explain to me how that would be possible? Remember this is a street legal car, how are you going to get a car to 60 mph in 2 seconds on street tires?
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    the venom 800tt did it with steet legal tires in the rain in 2.4, and thats street legal, even tho they were half-slicks (but legal nonetheless.) and this engine is big, but weak for 4 turbos and 16 cylenders. dont get into a import vs domestic battle over this, but the veilside and top secret supra are much better than this engine. they have 1000+ hp (1200 on the top secret) off of a I6 with only 2 turbos. id say the viper or mclaren engine are the best, id pick viper, just cuza the sheer size and cuz u cant mod a mclaren, and i like vipers <IMG SRC="">

    <!-- Signature -->
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    Did I just hear someone say the Viper's engine was the best in the world?.......what has become of this world where people claim that the large, not very powerful, sluggish, crude and downright bad engine of the Viper's is claimed to be the best.

    I am so sick of people thinking that the Viper is a good car let alone the greatest car of them all.

    It's only Americans who like the Viper and Bugatti pi**es all over it......Viper lovers.....think b4 u speak!<!-- Signature -->
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    For one, Vipers don't suck. It was made under the supervision of Carol Shelby himself, and even a Lambo engineer. The stock GTS has slalom records, so don't say they can't handle. I'd give the best engine award to the McLaren, no turbos or supers, only 6.1 litres of 627 horsepower. I mean c'mon, quad turbo, 8 litre W16 that only pumps out 12 more mph then then McLaren? Weak. And with 1000 horsepower it has a 0-60 of 3 seconds? Hennessey Viper has 800 horses and does it in 2.4. Don't say it was cheap, cuz the cheater slicks make up for the shit conditions.<!-- Signature -->
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    give the mclaren a few turbos and it would burn this thing all the way to mars. it can already compete with this "monster" without any mods.
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    The McLaren engine is great, only 6mm between cylinders. It is extremly compact, extremly light, extremly powerful, and most important NA. The viper engine is related to a truck engine.<!-- Signature -->
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    no bugattis w18 is best...
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    its just the feel of a big engine that does it all mclaren is fast but bugatti makes you feel like the fastest and what do you know it is the fastest. so would you want somthing thats fast or an adreniline rush big engines makes you feel that so i would give credit to bugatti for the best engine w16 4 turbos. dont be dissing on this car ,so just show me something that can do better then this or at least do the same then you can diss all night long on this car but until then this car has the best engine.
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    HAH! McLaren has good power to weight ratio and good topspeed!! LOL!!! HAHA!!! The Arnold AR-15 weighs 1500 lbs, has a 90 hp rotax engine, and goes 215!!!! AHA!! AHAHAHAHAHA. Its a small kit plane. BUT STILL!!!!! HAHAHAHA.
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    Ha ha indeed. Go away.<!-- Signature -->
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    I wouldn't go quite so far as to say it's the best engine in the world, it's more of a marvel of packaging. Two narrow angle(15° between cylinders on each block in asymmetric pattern, just like the VR6)V8's joined side to side at an angle of 72°, keeping the engine from being too "long". As far as the Bugatti being "weak", there have been NO performance figures besides a 0-300kmh run in less than 14sec. That's 186mph, and yes, that absolutely destroys a McLaren or pretty much anything short of an F1 car for that matter. And you could say "for having 4 turbos, that's weak". The turbos are there for torque, torque that a viper wish it had. 920lb.ft at 2200rpm, that's 385HP. Forget a viper, this thing has torque a Kenworth wish it had. If the gnomes at VW were so inclined, they could strap a single huge turbo to the W16 and get even more HP output, but they'd sacrifice turbolag(hence why there's 4 tiny turbos) and low end for high end power. VW makes all their engines like this, lots of torque at low RPM, and the W16 won't be any different.
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    veyron + nitrous = death
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    Thank you Kaken944. I chew nails everytime i hear some moron say that a car with 4 turbos, 8 litres and 1001 hp can only preform at 252.2 miles per hour.

    Jesus Christ thats fast!

    Those are the smae morons who cant realise the difference between the number of turbos and the pounds of boost. Any one remember the BMW formula 1 engine that made almost 1000 horsepower per litre,
    1.4 litres making 1300 horsepower!
    Everyone talks about the horsepower difference between the veyron and the maclaren yet the never compare the torque. This carr has 922 pound feet, the mac has 479, that more then twice the amount!
    I love this car. if you insult it I will kick your ablan licking ass!


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