Best ever

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  1. This is the single greatest car make of all time.
  2. hahahahah
  3. what, the prisus wasnt enough?
  4. why do all hybrids have to look like... this?
  5. idiot
  6. lol @ you
  7. I think this car is wrong on this site. In my opinion it's no supercar!
    But the technique is on a high level.
  8. If you think this is a supercar you are an idiot plain and simple.I'm not saying it isn't a great step forward if that's your thing.Though I don't give a #$%#.
  9. This si a great car. Maybe even better than Veyron?
  10. because its toyota
  11. Yeah, and why do they all have to have those God-awful dashboards?
  12. I hate this car

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