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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Lee Iacocca, Jan 5, 2003.

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    In terms of performance both the Enzo and the F50 are capable of beating any Lamborghini, so why are Lamborghini faster?
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    i would have to go with the 360 modena. the only prob is that where i live they are more commen than supras or RX-7
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    Enzo,it is the most advanced Ferrari road car and it looks the most impressive.
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    Lamborghini better than Ferrari!~? That's the biggest bull i ever heard,no is way better especially since audi purchased
    lambo and they canceled the diablo and came out with murcielago n' especilly gallardo..that ugly piece of crap.
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    I would get the Modena it looks great, not so expensive and it the V8 is good enough for me
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    my fave is definately the 288 GTO
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    I picked the Modena because the ferrari 360 is my favorite ferrari, I don't really know why I guess I just like the way it looks.
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    F40. i love this car. someday i will have one of these buahahahahahaha <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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    Best Ferrari

    Another Enzo Ferrari vote.
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    Im not planning to buy, but i choose F50.
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    id take the Modena, but the 250 GT0 was close because it is such a classic
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    It goes to the 250 GTO in a heartbeat. It has perfect balance, style, and poise...Its a classic that no one should overlook. Second in line would have to be the '70s Daytonas...Beautiful and extremely fast...172 MPH top speed...Thats great compared to many of the other "exotics" of the day. The Enzo is too radical, overpriced, and ill-suited for its competition...Ferrari will have to work hard to beat the Enzo with the new F-Series car, but any style change is welcome.

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    The Enzo Ferrari is SUPPOSED to be radical, thats why it is the best supercar out there. And there won't be another "F" car from Ferrari, they use names now, hence the Enzo Ferrari.
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    I'd take any Ferrari, but the Enzo would have to be my first choice. At first I didnt like it much, but I've been reading about it and WOW, my god what a magnificent car. It IS the ultimate supercar, no questions asked.
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    The Daytona, because all i can think of when i see it is Sonny Crockett(Don Johnson) in Miami Vice. Its a real PIMP mobile...

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    To bad the one in Miami Vice was a kit car lol.
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    Man, I do not only think Enzo is the best Ferrari in the world, I think it's the BEST car ever made!!!
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    id go with the enzo or the f50
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    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> pic taken by me

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    What a idiot....
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    dont be hatting.
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    I see myself more down to earth and I would choose a F355 F1. I surely wouldn't get the limits of any F40-50-Enzo plus these are too extreme looking cars to just go for a ride... IMO F355 is one of the best designs of all time, just excellent!
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    F-50 ALL DA WAY!!!!
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    nice avitar dude =D
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    The F40, its the best ferrari ever in my mind, but that is my opinion, see i love the F50 also but the F40 is a V8 producing 498HP, the F50 is a V12 producing 513hp, there all chill cars but i preffer the styling of the F40

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