Best Jap car?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by 2fast4me, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Mitsubishi Evolution RS.
  2. its due to your virus you spread (aka the idiot virus) that is infecting us and several others. Sorry no if i was drunk id talk like you and the rest of your butt buddies.

    Just like a noob/ricer to go off on usless crap on a message board (ie someones spelling) cause they cant face the facts.
  3. ignorance is the only quality you have. And unfortunatly that quality is not a good one. And never will be on this forum, i say shape up or face the consequences.
  4. Can someone define ricer for me?
  5. So talking about someone's mother on a supercar message board isn't useless crap? You are the dumbest, most hypocritical member we have. You are also the biggest noob, and the worst of all the ricers. It's time for you to face those facts.
  6. I would also like to know what your thing is with saying butt buddies, maybe you just need to come clean and come out of the closet and confess your love to your man crush.
  7. i was refering to how dumb you are, shithead, still staying on topic and on the ball(same thing i know meh). yet i didnt go off the tracks there home fry.

    yeah it is time for you to face those facts good for you realization is the first step..
  8. Bowtieizbetter
    and other noobs like them are the perfect definiton

    definiton: (original) a person that drives a import japanese one to be particular and dresses it up in cosmetic apperance modifications and think it will give them horsepower.

    this definition has evolved into those that even own domestics and do that, and think its hot shit, and the battle wages on,

    furthermore then there are those that say domestics are better and japanes cars are worthless peices of crap, cause they dont got v8s and dont make 1billion hp or whatever,

    and then the ricers got thier movies which give great cars like the supra the rx7 and all bad names, by using NAWWWZZZ as a phrase to mean i guts hp y0

    this also goes to exotic car owners and lovers that think that thier cars are god's charriots and nothing is the best but thier cars.

    basically termed it is an ignorant, hypocritical moron.
  9. uh huh....
  10. i agree. these were the worst cars for this poll.
  11. hey hey now i'm autistic <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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