Best Japanese Car?

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    I got a poll on my cool site on which of the 10 cars you think is the greatest production car. Go through the site, its great fun, and for those of you who are interested in the Gran Turismo game range, theres a rich resource of information on it too. Enjoy!


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    Apparently the Japanese feel that the NSX is the only BONA-FIDE world-class exotic Supercar. Skylines has great potential to be as such, but the bland sedan styling kills the hope of the car of becaoming an "exotic". But Supercar nevertheless. As far as Supra and RX-7, same thing apply. These 2 cars don't have the exoticness in them, but performance specs are extremely good for their price. RX-7 is actually a bit more exotic than the Supra, IMO, because of Mazda's use of Wankel (rotary) system in their RX-7 engines. But durability is greatly sacrificed.
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    wankel engines are so dam smooth, unique sound aswell, love them. yeah shame they dont last as long as normal engines.

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