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Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by exer51, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Same here.
  2. It's a nice looking car, but not nearly as aggressive looking. Which is fine. Such a great sleeper!
  3. This car is so fast it'z got da wingz on da doorz for downforce mangz!!!!!11
  4. IV was the ugliest and worst Evo Mitsubishi ever made.
  5. worst? elaborate, because it's definately not the ugliest, it's the best looking
    the worst looking is the 8
  6. Any EVO V and before are pretty hot looking.
  7. It lacks flared arches, which makes it look lke a normal Lancer with an imitation Evo front/wing (which there's an abundance of), and it's track was considerably narrower, making it's handling sub-par compared to others.
  8. Ahh, cant choose! Was hoping X would look the best but it doesnt.
    It's gotta be
    V, VI, or VII. Front of VII and Rear of VI.
  9. obviously
  10. I can't decide, so I'm voting IX out of fanboyism.
  11. They're all pretty ugly. I mean everytime I see it i think 98hp Mirage with a body kit. It's not a car that people are going to think looks good 50 years from now the way cars from the 50s and 60s still catch the eye.

    The only one I really like is the wagon though I don't know the model of it.
  12. like Lucky Strike said, they keep getting better and better. *admires the PlayStation supercar...*
  13. III & VI.5

    no contest
  15. IV in white with red rally-style mudguards and orange indicators FTW
  16. IX MR for me. I like the V very much as well but it has a dated feel to me. The VII and VIII look a little less "well rounded" to me in comparison to the IX.
  17. I hated only the IV-VI.
  18. I have concluded that the VIII only looks bad in yellow.
  19. I used to HATE the look of the Evo and the Sti. But the Evo kind of grew on me, either that or the latest models are looking better. Still not my cup of tea but I wouldn't mind test driving one. I still think the STi is ugly.
  20. Can someone make a comparison picture of all the EVOs/is there a good page out there dedicated to them where I can get some nice shots of each one?
  21. It is a hard choice as they all look good, given a choice the IX would take the checkerd flag followed by VI Tommi Makinen. The definate ugliest, for lack of a better word, would have to be the IV
  22. I would most likely trade mine for one if we got them here.
  23. So would I, without any hesitation whatsoever.

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