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Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 CSL Concept' started by SL55 AMG, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. I THINK THIS CAR MUST ENTER PRODUCTION!!! cuz its a gr8 one! what's BMW still WAITING FOR??
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    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ thats why. They are spending a ton of money on new projects like the 6 series, the 5 series, and 1 series, and new motors. You can always just get the GTR body and suspension kit they are selling and have a sweet ass M3.
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    Kindly I must say well said. This car will be in my garage the day it is produced. Too bad you 3rd class inviduals will never have the financial state, as I do, to afford this. You have my sympathy.
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    the CSL will be produced and will be a late 2003 BMW model.
    but it wont be the same stats as above, but rather a modified M3.
    It'll look the same, and have the front air dam as well.
    Thus in the production model, it'll keep all the standard features found in a BMW, whatever they may be; which is a good thing,
    unlike this prototype which makes it look like a the original Mustang Cobra SVT R.
    but that's another debate for another topic.
    so again, this car is going to be built... but nothing like what the prototype is, and that's a shame.
    and yes $$ is an issue, and it was one way BMW decided to do to make the CSL affordable, since it'll be about $6-$8,000 more expensive than the M3, and not making it with an out of the ball park price of $75 or $100k. So it'll probably be around $60k
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    at least they should produce a limited version! like only 60 cars or something!! boost up a little more the engine and price it a little bit more! it will be sold out the day its launched! i'm sure!
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    nah it'll be a couple thousand for total world production.
    with so many special edition cars to come out next year, it'll be very crowded car business.
    Ford is planning i dont know how many special edition cars, for its 100 year annivesary, and i do mean besides the GT40.
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    ... good!
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    just listening to the machanical scream of that six makes me dream. i want one. see the standard M3 all the time, this would just cane!

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