Best paid driver in F1?

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  1. Formula 1 drivers are known for their big paychecks but I found this list quite amazing. According to the list Räikkönen is the clear king when it comes to earning a living with his 45 million dollars this year. Considering that all the drivers made a total 127 million dollars. That's a lot. About 35%, more than a third of the total. Hamilton in second place makes 18 mil. Not bad but still way behind.

    1. Kimi Räikkönen 45 milj. dollars
    2. Lewis Hamilton 18 milj.
    3. Fernando Alonso 15 milj.
    4. Nico Rosberg 8,5 milj.
    5. Jarno Trulli 6,5 milj.
    6. Sebastian Vettell 6 milj.
    7. Mark Webber 5,5 milj.
    8. Jenson Button 5 milj.
    9. Robert Kubica 4,5 milj.
    10. Heikki Kovalainen 3,5 milj.
    11. Nick Heidfeld 2,8 milj.
    12. Timo Glock 2 milj.
    13. Giancarlo Fisichella 1,5 milj.
    14. Sebastien Buemi 1,5 milj.
    15. Rubens Barrichello 1 milj.
    16. Jaime Alguersuari 0,5 milj.
    17. Vitantonio Liuzzi
    18. Adrian Sutil
    19. Romain Grosjean
    20. Kazuki Nakajima

    Felipe Massa is not on the list but he got about 8 million this year.
  2. Räikkönen is a rip-off
  4. Post your avatar.
  5. soz I can't its on my computer in the uk i'm in the usa.
  6. At one point, Schumi was being paid $80 million a year by Ferrari...and that's without all his outside endorsements.

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  7. omg just noticed Barichello! robbery!
  8. which is why he's switching to Williams.
  9. wheres button
  10. wheres button
  11. can you read?
  12. Rosberg and Trulli are overpaid.
  13. number 2 paid sportsman in the world off one world championship...some have it lucky.
  14. nico rosberg is not worth that much why is he paid that much ?
  15. is this just their salary from the teams or does this include sponsorship deals?
  16. This does not include sponsorship deals. The drivers make much more in fact, maybe more than double these figures when sponsorship deals are included.
  17. Why do you think?

    7 Nico Rosberg Williams-Toyota 34.5
    19 Kazuki Nakajima Williams-Toyota 0
  18. Here is what I come up with for team cost of drivers. nothing super surprising.

    Ferrari – 53 milj.
    McLaren – 21,5 milj.
    Renault – 15,5 milj.
    Red Bull – 11,5 milj.
    Williams – 9 milj.
    Toyota – 8,5 milj.
    BMW Sauber – 7,3 milj.
    Brawn GP – 6 milj.
    Force India – 2 milj.
    Toro Rosso – 2 milj.
  19. Vettel already makes more than Button?!
  20. future multiple-time world champions are valuable commodity
  21. more than current world champions?

    edit: i mean obviously the figures speak for themselves, its just I wouldn't have expected him to be paid so much this early on. If he gets as good as they apparently think he's going to be, obviously red bull wont have enough money to keep him anymore. Are they really paying him this much so they can have one season with him at his prime before he is bought out by another team?
  22. Button took a sizable pay cut this year just to get the team to the grid. They had not much moneys.
  23. he probably made up the shortfall in advertising revenue and tv/magazine/newspaper apps this year
  24. 17 through 20 are unpaid?
  25. yeah i bet, it was a good move in his part. i wouldn't refrain from putting trust in someone like Brawn.

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