Best paid driver in F1?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Ctrl, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Massa didn't get paid this year or smth? Where would he rank?
  2. Didnt read the whole thing did you, he got 8 million. Says so at the bottom.
  3. lol, focused at the list only, sorry about that
  4. probably coudn't get the data im guessing. im sure they must get something
  5. Yeah I copied the list from a finnish F1 news website and i'm not sure what's the deal with the "unpaid" drivers.
  6. I thought every F1 driver was richer...
  7. You think he's actually worth more? He hasn't shown talent after his 1st three or so years in F1 and was a fading star. I chalk up most of his victories in the accomplishment of what former Bar Honda/now Brawn GP was been able to achieve with the car this year on a shoe string budget.

    In 2006 when he came from the rear to 3rd in the Brazilian GP was about the best he's done till now.
  8. haha wut

    Hasn't show talent? Four wins this year. 2nd in WDC.

    Just because Vettel has been mopping the floor with your favorite drivers doesn't give you an excuse to hate.
  9. Haha wut?

    My post had nothing to do with Vettel, move along.
  10. you quoted a post (from Atomic) about Vettel and responded to it

    who were you talking about?
  11. Quote from Atomic2:

    "more than current world champions?"

    Thats all I was talking about. Asking him if he thought Button (who did take a pay cut because Brawn GP had nothing to play with) if he should get paid more. Thats what my post was about.

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