best racing gmae

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  1. Race with hydrolics and spinners!
  2. I want to make an Escalade to compete with all the best cars in the game, and at the end of each race I'll put on the hydrolics going 100+mph.
  3. That video just makes me want to kill people. Seriously, later today I'm going to wait outside a videogame store and slay the people who buy this game.
  4. It would be a hell of a lot cooler/more ironic if you beat them repeatedly with a bible. Of course you would post pics afterwards.
  5. Everyone knows that the best racing game is NFS Porsche Unleashed
  6. Do you use that to behead the Islamic infidels?
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  9. Gt4 sucks.
  10. win
  11. Well, I can't think of any other game that give you the same "carfeeling" as Race driver 2 do.
  12. crusin USA = teh hardcore
  13. I loved that game on N64
  14. If you're into PC games I highly recommend you get the Richard Burns Rally demo.
  16. OK, I'll guess I have to try that one then.
  17. You guys suck:

    Pole Position
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  19. My two favorites: NFS Porsche Unleashed and Toca Race Car Driver 2.

    I haven't tried that Richard Burns Rally game yet, so I can't really judge it.
  20. If you like NFS games I don't RBR is for you. It's much too difficult.
  21. Failure. The best PC racing game, and I belive it is also on PS, is Sports Car GT. It's obscure, but it is definitely worth the $15. In the unlikely event that it isn't the best racing game ever, it is certainly the most underrated.
  22. Almost all the ISI game are pretty damn good racing game. From SCGT, to the entire EA F1 series and I think EA's NASCAR series til 2004. What they've managed to do is to create realistic physics, good graphics, and HUGE modding potential....Without ISI groups like Simbin wouldn't be around to make game like the new GTR....
  23. I hope whatever you are talking about is coming out for PC.
  24. It's actually a pretty fun game, if you give it a chance. Like, just cause it has spinners and hyrdolics and all this shit doesn't mean you have to use them.

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