Best skyline ever?

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  1. what do you think?<!-- Signature -->
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    I prefer the Veilside , but this one is fantastic.<!-- Signature -->
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    This or the veilside are the best, i love them both!<!-- Signature -->
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    i'd prefer a JGTC 500 Castrol R-34 skyline. too bad they aren't road legal.
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    R-33 all the way dude....the R-32 was badass too....if you ever had a skyline and took it to the states you would be untouchable. No supra, no corvette, not "civic" could touch this incredible car. I say they bring the R-34 to America and lower the price a tad so people could actually afford it.
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    MotoRex imports these to the U.S. but they charge $95,000 for it because they had to do all their own crash testing to be able to import them. They are much less at $45,000 in Japan but they would never be that here, they even charge about $16,000 for legalization here (and no they don't change the engine, it passes emissions). If I had the money, I'd definately get me one of these, though. Actually, it's much cheaper if you just go to Japan and buy one, then just have MotoRex legalize it for you in the U.S. This will save you about $30,000 off their prices. Their site is
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    motorex sells the r-34 for 95k. the r33 is only like 50k and the r32 is like 28k. i went on this site and saw a r33 spec-v being sold for 35k tat's been slightly upgraded.

    as i said you want hte ultimate skyline forget the aftermarket tuner ones.

    the best ones are in JGTC. they aint street legal, but they handle the best and are damn fast. they're probably the most high-tech too.

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    i rather the jgtc calsonic skyline (eventhough its not street legal) and on another note i have recently been to the st. lucia(a country in the caribbean) and a guy was selling a maroon twin turbo r33 skyline for $20,000.
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    mark levinson owns a tuned r33 skyline spec-v that puts out about 530 horsepower. its preetty cool, maroonish-reddish. i have the dyno chart too and the picutres of his car/house.
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    nope that not the ebst skyline
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    end of discussion. the jgtc skylines are the best skylines.

    my favorite non-racing skyline is actually the nismo 400r. some of you may think i'm stupid since there are 1400 hp skylines, but i'm not really too into those drag machines. the 400r is a well balanced machine that uses a better rwd setup and the engine has been overbored to 2.8L. personally i think that it is a much more effective road racing vehicle than any 1000 hp skyline could ever be. i'd say 600 horsepower is a good goal for the skyline, with weight reductions of course.
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    I think this looks better than the Veilside kits for skylines, though veilside are a great company and have many great cars that they've done up.
    Sure it's not as powerful, but this car is still damn quick
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    The Skyline is one of the only Asian imports that I actually respect. The others, off the top of my head, are: the awesome Rx-7, the Supra, and the NSX (kinda losing it, though). Anything else?
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    OF COURSE THERE ARE MORE! You forgot the sweet Honda Civic and Honda Accord, especially with super racing lights and super fast type-R stickers, and super powerful upgrades like intake and exhaust will give these cars sometimes almost 10 more hp! Don't forget about the Acura Integras with the same super-fast upgrades! The coolest thing you can do is to put a super-sweet body kit on these and make them even faster! The performance of these front-wheel drive beasts are made even better by putting a rear wing on the car because it helps to keep the rear wheels down at high speeds.....oh wait, they are front wheel drive so wings are useless....well, wings and spoilers are still awesome for front-wheel drive cars!!!

    But seriously....there are many other good Japanese cars. You forgot one of the best which is the Lancer Evolution. Also the Nissan Silvia and Subaru WRX Sti (Japanese version). The Honda S2000 and 300ZX are not bad, either. Don't forget the Hachi Roku drift machine, either! Okay, it's not too quick, but it is the ultimate drift car! Of course, the Skyline GTR is my favorite car and the RX-7 is 2nd. The rest you mentioned I really like, too!

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    best ever skylines:

    1) JGTC Calsonic (i have a tamiya model)
    2) Veilside
    3) Blitz
    4) Craig Liebermans' R34 (its in the fast and the furious 2)
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    your mum is the best ever...... stop making up shit.. theres more skyline to come
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    my fav is the top secret R34 with 1200bhp without using NOS. now thats engineering for you!
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    I got a R33 GTR V-spec in my front yard that could woop that thing ova a quarter mile
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    why do people always say 'without nos' in many cases cars not using nitrous are faster than ones using nitrous, especially in japanese cars. the small motors used in most japanese cars (hey guys its true) cannot swallow the amount of nitrous that a huge turbo can produce in terms of boost.

    anyways my favorite japanese car remains to be skyline powered silvias so.....hah.
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    i wish people such as Craig liberman would stop importing Skylines to the states. by putting a N02 system and huge GT wings, ugly paintjobs, ridiculous body kits, they're just making the Japanese legend look bad. i truly despise this new "import" era. anyone can make their go fast in a straight line. who the hell cares about that. cars have axles and steering wheels too.
    i can really understand where the japanese haters come from. they're simplying ruining everything about cars when they put mufflers that can fit their heads in, ugly paintjobs, heavy body kits that don't help the drag at all, not to mention those stupid wings.
    This new generation knows nothing about cars. they just care about looking cool and pretending to know everything there is to about going "fast"...
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    dude the skyline was made to be modded. and couldnt you say the reverse about some american tuners and cars?
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    My friend, modified cars are not ruining the cars in general nor Japaneze manufactored cars. First off, i happen to like tuned up cars with body kits, paint jobss, exhaust systems, and more. I think they add to the car making it look unquie and different. Also it gives the owner something to add to his or her car, giving it some difference from other automobles. Which would you rather see? A regular Eclipse, or a nice tuned one, with Clarion system in it, and more. Cars are beautiful each in their own way, in my opinion, Japanese cars are made to be tuned heavily. I mean seeing most American cars tuned with body kits, paint jobs, exhaust, ect. would be plain ugly, and with European cars it would take away their pure exotic looks, thats why Japanese cars happen to have such good chances with tuned cars, because they look good.

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