Best skyline ever?

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    The Top secret R34 is definitly the best. All of Top secrets cars are ace. Has aanyone seen their Supra.
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    first of all the chemical equation for nitrous oxide is not n02. its n20. second of all craig lieberman's skyline looks differnet from the one used in the movie. those ugly ass camaro racing stripes are not part of his car. lieberman is a rich bastard. he's owned over 80 cars and the supra that was inthe last f&f had about 550 horsepower. the skyline in this movie has about 450 hp. i know that sport compact car recnetly tested all of these that they used in teh movie and they're prtty #$%#ing slow. (in fact about 1-2 seconds slower in the quarter mile than in real life stock cuz they're abused so much and modified for show rather than go) but remember most of these cars they used in teh movie were copies, so the real cars are in fact (or some of them) fast. the r33 skyline in the first movie (the yllow one) runs a 10.8 in the quarter mile and has a record at hte pikes peak climb.

    besides even though i think the movies are gay, it gives the import culture more exposure. personally i think that form should follow function, but all for modifying cars in general, and if it takes a stupid hollywood movie to get some people into cars, even if most are dumbasses, i'm happy for it. cuz out of every 100 dumbasses there will be a few that will actually really grow to like cars.

    oyes and this car is pretty dope.
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    japanese cars suck, Japanese auto companies are trying to screw the american economy. JUST KEEP THAT IN MIND
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    your #$%#ing idiot. that shows knowledge of both how economy works in general and cars.
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    America has horrible economic cars. Most of the electric cars are from Japan, and so are all the fuel economic ones. Toyota, Honda, ect. By the way, a new car from Toyota may be coming out in the near future. THe hydrogen car......
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    yo the best skyline eva is the one i wanna know why? cose its mine and i own it. it may only be a single turbo R-33 GTST but its my baby and i love it, so thats why its the best skyline in the world. (well to me thats it)
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    Actually GM and BMW are working on a hydrogen powered car, and I beleive GM was the first to sell electric cars. Anyways, as for being the best skyline, I'm not sure. I'll take any I can get my hands on. Bad ass car.
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    THats true about GM making the first electric car. But about the Hydrogen car, im possitive that Toyota is making on. It looks like the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron. Well just the chassis style, the dome shape.
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    Possibly the best but definitly one of the nicest skylines out there.
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    Very true.
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    Its easy to make a +1000 bhp skyline..if you got the money, buy a
    R33 R500, give it racing valves and a K&N filter, four
    KKK turbcharges or four Garret T66 and a double Racing Intercooler -
    bingo, your should have about 750-800 bhp. The rest is just to give the car some new hoses and pipes...
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    your an idiot. first of all tehre are no quad turbo skylines. second of all if you wnted that kinda horsepower you'd need some more modification. granted the skyline is easy to modify for big power, but its not THAT easy.

    T78 or T88 turbo with te turbo manifold
    fuel system (injectors/pump/lines/rail)
    ECU change

    it would be a good idea to switch some internals, but the skyline's internals are pretty damn strong, so it could handle the power.
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    1000 hp on stock internals? Probably not for very long.
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    maybe but 600-800 is not a problem.
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    veilside makes the best bod kits
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    Maybe, other good cars include the 'Hyper' 1000bhp GTR, and the australian dragster 'GTR700'

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