Best sounding V10-poweded car

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Krillmeister, May 6, 2010.

  1. V10's has awesome noises,
    wich car fitted with a V10 from factory (stock exhaust obviously) sounds the best?

    Here are the contenders:

    Audi S6 (5.2L N/A - 435hp/540nm)
    Audi RS6 (5.0L BiTurbo - 580hp/650nm)
    Audi R8 (5.2L N/A - 525hp/540nm)
    Bmw M5/M6 (5.0L N/A - 507hp/520nm)
    Dodge Viper SRT10 (8.4L N/A - 612hp/760nm)
    Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (5.0L N/A - 530hp/510nm)
    Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 SL (5.2L N/A - 570hp/540nm)
    Lexus LF-A (4.8L N/A - 560hp/480nm)
    Porsche Carrera GT (5.7L N/A - 612hp/590nm)
  2. any gallardo or carrera gt with straight pipes
  3. CGT with the Gallardos being the only things even remotely close.
  4. Carrera gt
    lexus lfa
  5. CGT

    The Lexus is highly underrated.
  6. Carrera GT easily.
  8. CGT>gallardo>LFA>>>>>>>>>rest.

    others arent even close.
  9. From what I can tell based on videos and mag reviews, LFA.
  11. Gallardo and CGT
  12. Has anyone here heard ALL of these cars IRL? I refuse to vote but AFAIK, CGT. I've heard Vipers IRL and they sound like shit.
  14. CGT then LF-A.

  15. Way to put the CGT as broken option 9.
  16. the gallardo sounds so much better than the stock cgt.
  17. nuh uh. The CGT sounds like an old F1 car.
  18. The current Viper ACR can pretty much out handle most of the cars listed, but to bad they sound like shit.
  19. LOL, CGT has less than one percent. It's the only choice, so I guess no one's voting.
  20. its not loud enough and lacks range. with straight pipes it's one of the best sounding cars ever though.
  21. I heard a gallardo [with possible exhaust work] and stock CGT back to back and actually have to agree.

    But just because of the way the CGT sounds with straight pipes makes me vote for this one anyway.

    CGT, Gallardo, and LFA all sound awesome. Ive never heard the LFA in person though so I cant really decide between that and the gallardo for number 2 position.
  22. option 9 broken ? :S
  23. LOL at results.
  24. I've heard all of them in person except the LF-A and the new Superleggera.

    Carrera GT by a mile.
  25. CGT sounds like garbage in a garbage disposal.

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