Best supercar ever made

Discussion in '1994 Dauer 962 Le Mans' started by 944turb0, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. circle
  2. By far the Best
  3. at elast, it is the most successful sports protoytpe ever made, more race wins than any other in various series all over the World
  4. NO it is not...
  5. sure, that purple thing in your avatar isnĀ“t at all!
  6. best porsche ever made for the street.!
  7. then what is! a Skyline?! with billions of horsepower, a lambo, you're hilarious!!! or that car in your avatar... no wait A VIPER!!! (sarcasm)
  8. the McLaren F1 was designed to be the ultimate supercar, and as of today it has not be beaten, and it won't be beaten. but other than that yes this is the most successful sports protoytpe ever made like ajzahn said
  9. let me first be clear, i love the mclaren f1, its my favourite car.....but it pains me to say tht the 962 is better.....better acceleration, top speed difference is just too much to be ignored(specially against the lm), its lighter and has better power to weight ratio.....having said all tht u gotta keep in mind the f1 was a production car, this wasnt....this means the mclaren ppl didnt just have raw performance on their mind.....i truly believe tht the mclaren f1 has the potential to do 400 kph, but tht has never been performance wise, rite now the 962 is king
  10. The McLaren isn't just about performance.
  11. tht's my point, which is y the 962 lemans outshines it in performance.....
  12. what else?
  13. This car beats the shit out of McLaren F1! Stunning, just stunning... The styling is another thing. Not so good looking.
  14. You know perfectly well that the McLaren is far more streetable than this car.
  15. really?

    the clutch and the suspension are pretty weak
  16. It has been beaten and will be beaten again.
  17. you don't have to tell something I already know because I know more about both cars than you do,ok. The McLaren was designed to be the practical and ultimate supercars. IT WAS AND I REPEAT WAS NOT!!! DESIGNED TO BREAK RECORDS BUT IT DID!!! Its got great looks!!! speed, performance, everything. This thing doesnt need luxury to look good, imagine if it did! and had power-abs, more HP, more torque, and better handling it would beat the Veyron, according to Gordon Murray that this car only needed 110 more HP to achive the Veyron's Top Speed. It has great handling and cornering so all of you who says the McLaren F1 doesn't have good turning, SHUT UP!!! But yes you are right, performance wise the Dauer is better!!!
  18. By what the Veyron?!?!?!?!
    Were are talking about production cars...
    This car is the practical supercar (PERIOD!)
  19. STFU!!!! it will DESTROY ferrari!!!!!!!!! remember that this is a race car!!!! meant for racing.....
  20. What abour the McLaren F1 GTR / F1 LM? Man, I wish they still made McLarens (real McLarens, not that shit they pulled with the Mercedes SLR)
  21. yeah, seriously...
  22. AND... it still is more streetable than the dauer and the clutch and suspension isnt weak!
  23. perhaps the McLarens suspension is weak but not the clutch

    The extremely stiff 962 LM is not really "usable" on these types of road due to low suspension travel.

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