Best supercar interior ever

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. You actually think that I believe they're the same price? I was being sarcastic. Who's the stupid one now? My point was that a GTR will never be a supercar you dummy.
  2. I've heard there's no stereo in the F1.
  3. I'm sure there was a delete option but they came with a Kenwood KDC C600 10 disc unit, with a whopping 12 hours of continuous play, according to my Driving Ambition book.
  4. Ok, Thanx for the info.
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  8. Zonda interior rules. F1 too.
  9. Begs the question why you'd want a CD player/Stereo in your supercar.

    Considering just how good the F1/Zonda/F50/etc sound, I'd never listen to one, just to the engine.
  10. Even if you have stereo, any music would probably be drowned out by engine sound. Most exotic cars can get up to 100 decibels, even when not driving very hard. Some exceptionally loud ones can get over 110.
  11. take that out for weight reduction
    replace with ipod and ipod jack
    ipod nano probably to keep the weight down
  12. the dash on the lm is siqq.

    the f40 and f50 have great interiors too, the f50 in particular. but like people said the enzo has a great interior as well. they just know how to do it, regardless of era.
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  14. you dont have a point because youre a stupid and the gtr isnt a gtr its a level above

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  17. lol was just kidding about the 6 pedals. Need to stop blazing and posting on, I forget what threads I post in.

    Everyone knows best supercar interior would be a 1000whp Supra.
  18. You can call the GTR a supercar when it's the same price as a Carrera GT.
  19. carrera gt

  20. youre the stupid one now and you were before

    gtr is the superestcar
  22. F40 is the greatest but calling the interior great is really strange. It has the gauges of a Skoda 105 and old industrial carpet on top of the dash. The rest of the instruments is from a FIAT Uno...
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