best SUV for extreme use?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by f11111, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. whats the best SUV/offroad car for extreme use
    -deep snow
    -good ground clearance
    -um...anything else like that
    -and street legal

    some choices:
    LM002 v H1

    G Class

    under $50:

    what do you think? id like not everything to be about the H1, so maybe something in a realistic price range...i hear the Defender is good, what about the rest of land rover?
    and does the wrangler capture all the 'cheaper' category? i mean, so many suvs are made for on-road use nowadays that some subarus have more ground clearance than them.
  2. The ground clearance of the subarus does not make them better offroad, they're called approach and departure angles, the ones on a subaru suck for offroad use. But my pick in the unlimited class goes to the H1 alpha, my choice in the 100k class goes to the MB G class, My
  3. cool, i didnt know about an approach or departure angle. what do they do?
  4. people are gonna tell you hummer, but for performance and capability nothing beats a custom job.. there are some intense ones built from the ground up, and some attainable ones built off wrangler chassis.
  5. Hey, you were the one mentioning their ground clearance.
  6. Only if you hate yourself.
  7. yes they have alot of ground clearance. now tell me how the other stuff factors in, id like to know more
  8. so when its -10F your gonna hop in your dune buggy to go through 2 feet deep snow to get to where you need to go?
  9. Approach and departure angles are imporant if you intend to drive up steep hills on a regular basis.
  10. I'd say Bowler Wildcat

    But MeH~ road legal shii
  11. Well, the most important factor are the tires, the ones on a Subaru are not made for offroad use, their tread pattern doesn't grip well on mud or dirt.
  12. This drawing I just did in MS Paint illustrates well what approach and departure angles are.
  13. Add breakover angle too, that's pretty important.
  14. Unimog/Pinzgauer, not really SUVs though.
  15. they are talking about extreme offroad use...
  16. The Bowler is a Dakar vehicle. Yeah I'll go with that. Off the list I'll take the defender 110. Land Rover made one without pillars. The windows don't go down but you have unobstructed views of your safari.

  18. The porsche cayenne's top gear test really really impressed me. The Hummer H1 is just about as good, but not nearly as comfortable or powerful.

    But top gear hated it because they were english.
  19. Land Cruiser
  20. Toyta Landcruiser
    Land Rover Defender
    Jeep Wrangler
    Nissan Patrol

    Most of the cars mentioned are horrible off roaders, given there shitty tyres and love of driving on anything but roads.
  21. haha jeremy clarkson said that your x5 would get stuck in a croquet lawn...
  22. you cant be serious?

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