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  1. Moron.

    F1LM would easily be second or third in this group, behind the CGT and maybe also the Enzo. I dont see how the Maser could stand up against an Enzo, it being a down-graded Enzo in reality.

    The CGT has gargantuan amounts of mechanical grip. None in this group will stand up this it. Not to mention it has better dynamics overall than Enzo.
  2. i would beg to differ the cgt has more mechanical grip than the s7, especially above 80mph where aero comes in to play, the s7 just mounts a massive load, once at full load its what some 2800+ with the 04 model.

    maybe at low speeds around 30mph or less like a skidpad, but on a track where downforce is a big part the s7 has the most advantage out of all these cars especially with the very sensitive steering wheel
  3. "Mechanical grip" doesn't include aerodynamics.
  4. MC12 is a homologation car and it'll rape everything for breakfast really...
  5. Its the same class as the McLaren F1 LM!
  6. I think F1 LM should be the first in the list because it has the maximum downforce and best acceleration among this group.It creates downforce equal to its weight at 100mph.
  7. No it doesn't, you're dumb.
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    Yes it does and you are dumb.Stop saying things before researching things.
    Here is the reference

    here is the quote from that paragraph
    "Fast forward to Le Mans in the summer of 1995, where all seven of Murray’s new F1 GTRs qualified for McLaren’s debut in the classic enduro event. The conversion had been reluctantly approved by Dennis on a shoestring budget, resulting in a package that was basically a standard F1 stripped of trim and equipment, with rear wing, modified underfloor diffuser, side skirts, rollcage, and racing instruments. It was 90 kilograms (200 pounds) lighter than the road car, slightly down on power (600 horsepower against 627), but massively up on torque (527 pound-feet against 479), and it created so much downforce it could run along the ceiling at 100 mph.
  9. I liked when you backed up your facts with a quote from 1995 and not actual facts
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    A LOT has happened in the last 20 years. The F1 was a great car and always will be, but the cars coming out right now are better.
  11. Also there are a lot of people here arguing over 0-60 times which is basically pointless.

    The only time a track car would do 0-60 is a standing start (which doesn't happen on track days), or leaving the pits, which has no bearing on fast lap times

    For these cars people should at least be arguing about acceleration from a roll. 40mph and up would be a much more realistic comparison.
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    I chose F1 LM from the given list not among modern list.By the way the quote was from car magazine.And yes it does produce enough downforce to run along ceiling at 100mph.
    Even standard F1 beats enzo at bedford autodrome.
    Also I find lot of people considering skidpad as handling tests because skidpad only measures mechanical grip not aero grip.

    To be fair LM shouldn't be in this list because it is a racecar for road.And also I didn't argue about 0-60mph,I know they are pointless for lap time.
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    Okay well from the list the Ferrari Enzo is still a decade further on from the F1.

    It's probably faster round a track, too.
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    Yes, F1 is faster around the track than Enzo.
    Bedford Autodrome Laptimes
    F1 1:21.2
    Enzo 1:21.3
    Nurburgring(from wikipedia)
    F1 XP5 7:11,F1 XP4 7:23.5(Estimated)
    Enzo 7:25.21
    On Estoril F1 even beats Corvette ZR1 and is at 3rd place
    F1 1:55.9
    ZR1 1:56.42

    Imagine if standard F1 is so fast at track, what would an LM do?People highly underestimate F1 just because it is 23yrs old.

    And I have seen in many forums people using Ameritech F1 specs for comparision when Best Motoring did 11.1s in quarter mile with a customer car with 3.7s from 0-60mph.
    (if XP5 is faster for you).
  15. the secret Ferrari S2000 concept racecar is faster

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