Best US car EVER made

Discussion in '2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo' started by Nathan M, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. In terms of American bespoke Supercars (ie no Hennesseys Vipers, etc) this has got to be the pinicle...indeed it is up there with the top Euro exotics like the Zondas, and is not far off the pace of the Veyron (which has practically proven itself to be better than most people expected) Finally, the US has a true supercar of worldwide stature!
  2. Im tired of #$%#n hearing the f*kin brits talkin shit about american dnt like the #$%#n saleen so be it....just remember that Aston Marton belongs to the US, and Tvrs belong to Russia....the british car industry is going no where....
    I may sound like a hater...but im not....i love the ariel atom and nobel...
    and that dumbass who said Saleens were partly made in england can sod off
  3. Why be so insultive? You just sound less credible. Besides, the Saleen actually used to be partly (body) made in England, as SAR said, who is very credible and knows what he's talking about especially when it comes to Saleens.
  4. Y b so insultive.....credibility.....watever...
    he might b credible to you....
    maybe you 2 should research a little more....
    last time I checked Irvine California was no where near England

  5. Did I not say USED to be made in England. Congratulations you just told everyone here you are a dumbass.
  6. dumbass....the twin turbo was never made in england....
    the body was never made in england ever...if u are so credible tell me where u got ur info....
  7. Saleen, Inc. and famed British racing house Ray Mallock, Ltd. used extensive work in a wind tunnel to add superior aerodynamics to the finished skin

    i dont consider wind tunnel tests to be british engineering....idiot
  8. He works with Saleen. Please read this. I think he might know just a few things more about Saleen than you do. Oh and by the way, I got all my information by READING his posts.
  9. Ok I think you are thinking only of the S7TT in which you are right, it wasn't made in England (or Britain). But, the previous models' body was developed in England. Without that body design to begin with from England, there is now way Saleen would have it for the S7TT. Since that, they moved everything over to Irvine, California where they improved the downforce, and reduced drag. Other than that, I believe everything else was always all American. The body used to be made in England, now it isn't.
  10. Just to set the record stragiht, the aero work on the under body, and tunnels was desgined in England, the Body style was all done in the US by Steve Saleen & Phil Frank, with in put from what we learned in the windtunnel
  11. "...and famed British racing house Ray Mallock, Ltd...."

    dude, jut shut up for one second, take a step back, and realise how stupid you're being.

    okay, if you're having trouble reading and picking out the correct subjects, let me show you. Saleen (american) teamed up with Ray Mallock (British) to design the way the aerodynamics would work.

    the point was the nationalities of the two companies involved (which was the whole argument in the first place), not the fact that they used a #$%#ing wind tunnel.

    you are such a moron. how are you even still alive?

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