Best well rounded Lambo?

Discussion in '2003 Lamborghini Gallardo' started by Tercel 2 MR2, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. Here is a question for all the lambo fans, do you think that the Gallardo is probably the most well rounded Lamborghini to date?

    Lots of power
    big engine
    extremely fast
    fabulous interior
    all-wheel drive(like its big bro)
    and a price to rival the Modena

    post your intelligent thoughts!
  2. Yes it is the best one much better than the Murcielago if you ask me. Lambo should make this car there flagship car just add the V12 and get it the lambo doors and a few mods later you got a ferrari killer
  3. Yes i like it. Why do they all have the AWD, i heard its becasue audi bought them out. I think the AWD is dumb in these supercars, they would go faster withought it. Who's gonn drive their lambo in the winter?
  4. If i had a Diablo I would. This car is so much diffrent from others because of the 4WD system. Just like the Nissan Skyline R34 that 4WD system makes it a true skyline just like with the 4WD system makes it a true Lambo.
  5. The phrase "well rounded" and Lamborghini should not be used in the same sentence. It's the no compromise attitude that has made lambos such as the miura, the countach, and the diablo such incredible cars. This car weighs more than a diablo, has less power, looks no where near as good, and lacks trademark lambo doors, yet you can get a diablo for less these days. I'm not sure what the incentive is to buy one. The best well rounded lambo ever, yeah sure. But if you want a well rounded car, go get a Vette. Lamborghinis are meant to be no compromise pure bread supercars. This is what you get when a bunch of german pussies take control of an italian icon.
  6. The Gallardo is the best.After it I`ll line the Murcielago and the 1970s Miura

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