1. I like this paint scheme better that the last blue and yellow one.
    This one is much more pleasing to look at as it goes whizzing around the track at crazy speeds lol.

  2. 0h im glad that its a pretty color for you
  3. if you haven't already noticed, here is where we talk about things like this...
  4. so true.
  5. Its gonna be awsome.
  6. its still a renault
    the badge never changes
  7. Limit expenditures? Umm someone needs to let the FIA know that this is friggin F1. They could force them to use a 1hp Briggs & Stratton and they would still have a many many millions wrapped up in it. If they want to make F1 cheap, go to full on spec racers. Until then, the big bucks will more often than not be the fastest.

    F1 is not and should not be cheap. If you want to go racing for cheap, go carting or buy a Miata or something. F1 should be the absolute top of technology and therefore the most expensive, as it has always been. Keep the stupid NASCAR-esque rules out of F1, FIA.

    Sorry, but that crap pisses me off.
  8. not liking what i see...

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