Better as a V8

Discussion in '2005 Spyker C12 Spyder' started by henriksjostedt, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. I think the style of the Spyker, especially stuff like the propellor steering wheel, is better suited to the kind of Spitfire soundtrack the SL55 can muster up.
  2. ...I hardly think that's a good comparison. The Spyker is an exotic car, while the Mercedes is a sports car. I recognize the parallel in performance, but surely one would not compare a Chevrolet Corvette to a Ferrari! Maybe you prefer the stylings of the Mercedes (I do too!) but I hardly think that you can judge this car against a regular Benz.

    Have you even heard the noise this car makes, anyway?
  3. If you want to go along with the aeronautical theme, then a 12-cylinder engine does fit the car better, since piston engined aircraft such as the spitfire did have 12 and 16 cylinder engines.
  4. Who would choose to have a lower trim level? Who rather have the same car with less cylinders? I'd bet you would choose a CL55 over a CL66 too...
  5. I would. I would also choose a CL65 over a CL66. You know. Because there's no such thing as a CL66, otherwise I would DEFINITELY choose it over the 65.
  6. mee likey this car

    i liked the 8's, but i am liking this too
  7. BURNED...
  8. If you want to compare this Spyker to a Mercedes, take the SLR. I'm pretty sure the SLR will beat this one easily (although it is ~350 kg heavier). You will have to wait until the guys from Top Gear get this one...
  9. now i know this is a lil off topic, but the new vett is hanging right with some of the ferraris, granted, it can only hang with the 360's in its stock form, the cost difference easily makes up for that. just thought i'd throw that out there
  10. Actually, a stock 360 would be easy pickins' for a Z06 or C6.
  11. note to you: dont "throw that out there" because there is about 9038475092374509284 other topics in here talking about that and im pretty sure everybody is sick of euro vs american arguements.
  12. BORING. "But it couldn't on a track!" –"It would too!" "No, it couldn't" blahblahblah

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