Better Than Ever

Discussion in '2002 Audi R8' started by dirtbag, Aug 9, 2002.

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    this car still kicks ass<!-- Signature -->
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    damn, I am so tired of the Audi-brigade! Someone has gotta step up and whup them good and it doesn't look like its gonna happen any time soon! Don't get me wrong, they're gonna win this year and probably next, but who have they beaten? A Panoz and Cadillac team? That's impressive! You hardly ever hear about Porsche owning Le Mans from '81 to '88 or the way that they beat most everyone one in the 90s. I wanna see more manufacturers in this race again---remember 97-99? Good times!
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  4. Looks way sweet. I think Audi will be doing another strong finish until Ford brings in the GT40 to compete.<!-- Signature -->
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    The 2003 GT 40 will be kicked , that's sure.
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    I think I will have to agree, although it should make for some pretty sweet racing.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes i wold like to see the GTS class like it was when they had the GT1 class with all the top names in it. Corvette, viper, ferrari 550, saleen S7, lotus elise GT, jaguar XKR. All kinds like that. And then porsche back in the top in LMP 900 to knock of Audi. Bentley need a LMP 900 car. And even ferrari but not while they are in F1. It would be nice to see Bugatti back at le mans like many years ago.

    As for this year yep Audi rule all. The car looks great, one thing though is the rear tailights, i like the ones on the 2000 model best they have more of a Audi look to me.
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    porsche should stop wit the gt cars and switch to lmp900 than we mite see some competition and too bad caddilac is gone in the 2003 season no its juss panoz and audi. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>


    Speed means nothing if you dont got handling thas how people get messed up. And not cool
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    i would like to see a new version of the lister storm v12 to re enter to alms.


    Speed means nothing if you dont got handling thas how people get messed up. And not cool
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    You are the ultimate post whore. All you do is say wasup in every thread. Someone bad this fool!

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