Better than the McLaren F1?

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  1. better acceleration and higher top speed than the early model F1s
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    and it wouldn't be able to compare around a track.
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    ol0oloololololololo maybe it goes 0-60 in 2 seconds but after that i bet it takes 5 hours to reachh a 100 lloll gear ratios!!
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    doubt it is better than a maclaren F1, but the F1 is highly over rated.
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    No its not, read up on it and its underrated.
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    Quote - "No its not, read up on it and its underrated."

    It's niether.
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    Better than McLaren? NO.
    McLaren looks soooo much better. It's the ultimate driver's car.
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    "Yeah idiot, thats why it does a 1/4 in 9.5 sec.learn about cars before you talk n00b"

    lol it doesnt like. sounds like u dont know wot ur talkin about urself.
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    it wheighs about 1000lbs more then an F1, and with only a 5 speed it coulnt manage the power well enough to keep pace with an F1, and if nothing eles the 6mpg this thing gets will only let it chase the F1 for about an hour, if it did bring the fule to last as long it would wheigh about 4000lbs and couldnt keep up anyway.
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    it does the 1/4 mile in 9.55 ...learn about cars before you talk. i wouldn`t choose the McLaren F1 or the ZL1 i`m not a big fan of either. the two best cars in my opinion (overall best) are the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R and the Porsche 9ll Turbo.
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    I can't believe it either. But I guess it is huh?
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    You are comparing a Chevy against the Mclaren F1????? You dont know much about the F1 do you to compare it with this.
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    your kidding right? you dont actually think this, you are just saying...right? mclraren f1 is like the micheal jordan of cars, even if you are faster, bigger, whatever. you keep your mouth shut. the mac is a god, the camero is a commoner
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    i agree, the mclaren is a really good car, but i think it is overpriced.
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    comparing this car to the mclaren is more a question of class, since they are pretty evenly matched as far as performance. The mclaren is a much better car for two reasons: 1) it is more of a prestige item & 2) its lateral acceleration is probably better because i've heard that it gets downforce from a fan on the bottom of the car (im not sure if that's true; someone correct me if i am wrong)
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    i like it more but that doesnt mean any thing
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    better than Mclaren???
    yea, it can go even faster if u put a rocket engine in this shit
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    How's this better than the McLaren? If a car has more power and accelerates faster, does it automatically mean it's better? I don't think so.. the McLaren is a legend in its own lifetime. It has been described numerous times as the ultimate car... and for good reason. Just look at the refinement of the F1! And I don't mean just the technical side, but also the design of the car itself.. it's just perfect. (Wether you like the car or not is irrelevant. Even the biggest fan of US car must agree that the F1 is a true marvel of engineering)

    Sure, if you put enough $$ in a car, it can be made to look better. Or to accelerate faster. Or to have more power. Or to have a higher top-end speed. Or to handle better. But I'm not impressed by that. Show me a car that's better on all fronts, then we can talk.

    Besides that.. the Mclaren will always be a Mclaren. An exotic supercar. This Camaro will always be.. well.. 'just' a Chevy..

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    Yes! Except for unless it has independant rear suspension the McLAREN would just crush it on the track.
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    thats why it does 1/4 miles in under 10 seconds...
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    This is quite rediculous... This thing would get so handled!!!
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    I've been wondering about this McLaren vs 'this & that' thing... What's so special about the 'Laren that no other car can beat it?! People here compare it against Skylines and Supras and Vettes and Vipers and all kinds of exotics and even against a friggin Camaro, and most people simply say that these other cars have no chance against a McLaren F1, no questions asked. Well, how about some refinement made to these other cars? A good friend of mine owns a 1999 Camaro running a Procharged, intercooled LS-1, and he drives it over 8000 miles a year. It has 700 horsepower, runs a quartermile in 10.8 seconds, pulls of 1,2 Gs of lateral acceleration, gets a top speed of 208 mph (gearing limiting) and stops from 60 mph in 96 ft. He drag races it, road races it, takes it to shows AND HE DRIVES ON THE STREET! I know it wouldn't match an F1's top speed, but I bet it would waste a McLaren on any road course. The Camaro's been lightened with carbon fiber body parts, it doesn't have any audio equipment or AC, minimal sound deadening, it's been lowered 2", it's not very comfortable, but it's helluva lot of fun!! Sure, it's not too shabby, but its most definitely a faster all-around car than a McLaren F1.
    Here are the performance figures for an F1 (
    0-60 mph 3.2 seconds
    1/4-mile 11.1 seconds
    Lateral acceleration 0.86 Gs
    60-0 mph 127 ft.

    Just in case you were wondering, yes, I have driven my friend's Camaro many times. Just can't have enough of it. I'm actually thinking 'bout selling my Audi A4 to buy a fourth-generation f-body.
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    Most powerful Camaro ever!

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