better weight/power ratio than a F360 !

Discussion in '1955 Ferrari 410 Sport' started by deuginthesky, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. 410 S is 3.16kg/hp
    F360 is 3.225kg/hp

  2. Re: better weight/power ratio than a F360 !

    I think that it 'cause this car was a real racer.
  3. That's silly! Do really believe they do a 1/4 mile test first and estimate the HP out of the 1/4 mile time? Of course not!

    Car makers measure the power of the engine at the crank, power figures stated in magazines/databases etc are always measured at the crank. After that they probably also measure it at the wheels to see how much power the transmission, crankshaft etc soak up on power.
  4. horsepower IS measured at the crank, not the wheels.

    a 360 would beat this car with less power to weight anyway, even on a straight.
  5. incredible for its day!!! looks cool too!!!
  6. Very impressive for the 50's. If a V12 impresses people now, imagine back then!!
  7. thats quite interesting, the reason the HSV loses such power is because of its rather stone-age drivetrain.

    generally, cars get heavier through the years as a result of adding safety features, and the things that make them bearable. this car doesent have roll bars, and its bodywork is quite thin compared to modern cars.

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