Bible: Fact or Fiction

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  1. This whole stupid thing about Scientology has me wondering, is the Bible just a book? With Scientology we have just a book, written by a science fiction author, who has blown the book way out of proportion and called it a religion. Following that we have big names converting to Scientology, saying they have seen the acts Scientology speaks of.

    Then you have the Bible, also a book, written by many people and again you have big names flocking to Jesus (Because they were "called"). You have someone like Paul who never met Jesus, yet said he saw the resurrection and continued to preach Christianity as a religion.

    If we can fool a society today, despite how much technology and how civilized we are nowadays, into believing a book about space and aliens is fact and indeed a religion to practice, who is not to say the very same did not occur oh so many years ago?
  2. Fact + Fiction + Erotica + Science Fiction

    Its got some good stuff. Some weird stuff. Just take what you think is right.

    Scientology is just too f*cking ridiculous.
  3. It's a nice paper weight.
  4. door stop*
  5. Adam and Eve were naked in the beginning. Clearly, it's erotica.
  6. I've always felt that most religions were created to control people. The Bible and Christianity is no different.

    While there are probably things in the bible that happened, as a whole, it's what I'd call fiction.
  7. erotica. some of it is true, some of it isn't.
  8. This is a question that was dying to be asked.
  9. dunno, never read the thing.
  11. None of the above.

  12. I voted fact
  13. No, it even sucks for that. It's too big and people around you think that you're a religious kook.
  14. Crucifixion or Crucifiction?
  15. Theory? its either a misinterpretation of history or its not.
  16. The guys who wrote the bible would be laughing today.
  17. Because they would be high.
  18. Science Fiction? It's all supposed to have happened already? Bar the apocalypse then.
  19. Elements of truth, but mostly fiction.
  20. fash-on
  21. That depends on whether Nick Farrell wrote the Bible or not.
  22. Fact with veins of fiction.
  23. I wouldn't know. I have not read the whole bible.
    I'm sure you all have though, so your opinions are all valid.
  24. as reading it would give you insight as to whether or not miracles did/didnt happen

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