Bicycle + helmet?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Porsche addict, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Do you really think people should wear a helmet when driving a bicycle?

    Aparently they have no separate lanes for bicyclists in the USA but they do have over here. I see no danger whatsoever and the people I've seen who had an accident with their bicycle al had leg or neck injuries. A helmet wont save you from those.

    So Bicyclists + helmet, yes or no?

    edit: We're talking about a normal trip to school/work/...

    not mountainbiking/stunts or anything like it
  2. No and I'm European
  3. I don't wear helmets unless I really have to (required for a cycling trip or something). I used to, until I was 14, which I think is a good thing even though I didn't at the time.
  4. They should but they should have the choice too.

    I ride a bmx and I only wear a helmet when I do smth "crazy".
  5. No and I'm other. Though I know people should where a helmet, they shouldn't be forced to.
  6. No and I'm European. And just to show you, this is what bicyclist lanes look like over here:
  7. it's not a case of whether people SHOULD - it's a case of whether it's SENSIBLE TO.. which of course the answer would be a resounding "yes" to.
  8. With SHOULD I ment: Do you think it's really necessary.
  9. It all depends what you're doing. If you're doing some bike trails, or riding fast, then yes, wear a helmet. But if oyu're just cruising around, or going to work or something, then there is absolutley no need for a helmet. I don't know anyone that has fallen off their bike, and onto their head, while just cruising around the city. Unless ofcourse you get hit by a car, but you can get hit by a car walking or jogging too so that's a stupid argument.
  10. No, but it depends on common sense, I would probably wear one where I am because it's an extremely cramped city and traffic is crazy and they won't notice you as easily.
  11. Yes, and it is stupid not to wear one. I cracked one in half on my road bike from crashing, which didn't involve a car. I also know of many others who have broken theirs from crashing which didn't involve a vehicle.
  12. god I hate cyclists, they're so #$%#ing arrogant on the road
  13. um, ok
  14. when i go mountainbiking or road racing (koersen, you know what i mean) i wear a helmet.
    saved my life once when i crashed into a truck. i even bented the aluminium of the truck!

    don't wear one while on a normal bike though
  15. No, and I'm Canadian.

    Who falls off a bike and hits the freakin top of their head? Bicycle helmets are ineffective.
  16. always always always... I once took my bike out without a helmet, about a mile away from home I noticed that I stupidly forgot it, and I walked back to my house to get it.
  17. lol... that's gay
  18. So, you fell off your bike and onto your chin when you were little and then decided you couldn't live life without a forehead as well and now you're overcautious/crap at cycling?
  19. Yes and I'm European

    when I take out my bike, I always go +30 km/h on the raod and wanna prtect my head in case of a stupid car driver not taking care of me
  20. LOL! Are you kidding! You walked back!

  21. HAHAHAHA. Man, did you get the shit kicked out of you in High School, because I would kick your ass.

  22. damn straight I walked back...
  23. You're such a wuss.

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