Biggest flame topic on SC.Net

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FerrariAKL, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. I would have to say anything to do with Dodge Viper or the new Z06 because in the end it become a Domestic vs Import arguement.
  2. pretty much every topic mentioned, especially the US/war in Vietraq/guns & the endless n00bie "ZO6 vs. everything else on wheels" threads.
  3. nobody's mentioned abortion? or Iran?
  4. LOL.
  5. Mostly US related I think.
  6. Anything where BBC posts, but out of those, U.S./war in Iraq most definatly, people just dont like us, its a fact.
  7. anything n00b related.
  8. bingo
  9. Fiat Panda obviously.
  10. Magik. Because it sucks.
  11. you are lame too.
  12. Other: Chrome Rims
  13. Holy sh!t your right~~!!!!

    everytime that happens you see Moosquad saying "were the hell is a medator to delete this subject" or M-arts "If you people would just leave him the hell alone he wouldnt be such an asshole".

    BTW it bbcstachas2.
  14. Who likes chrome rims?
  15. ANything with the US, it seems to relate to everything else in the world somehow.
  16. The US and anything related to it
  17. United States, the greatest countries, and therefore so many morons want to attack her.
  18. no, theres no controverty about how much those kick ass.
  19. wow. you finally made a post where i don't feel like stabbing you in the eye after reading it...kudos!
  20. You should do it anyway, in the interest of preventing any further dumbassery from him.
  21. USA
    War in Iraq
  22. P996T, obviously.
  23. Politics and religion.

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