bike wont start

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Aequitas, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. its a motorcycle, but this is hopefully a general knowledge thing.
    1994 yamaha seca II

    bought it in november. guy said it was running before, but itd been sititng for abit. wont start now. getting spark, and fuel is filling the bowls for the carbs. It started before I bought it (supposedly). gas is good, spark is good on at least two of the plugs. played with the choke, will check if the idler screw is way out of whack tonight. It will start on starting fluid, but quickly dies. its got 4 carbs, one per cylinder.

    sorry to be a poor typing bother, any help appreciated. i know its something stupid.
  2. will it make any attempt to turn over with starter fluid/carb cleaner. if it doesnt its either really #$%#ed internally or your not getting spark. its good to do that test to rule out one or the other. make sure all the vent tubes on the carbs are clean. makes sure you've got new gas in it. thats about all the help anybody could give you over the internets.

  3. it starts with starting fluid, but wont run. ive tried some superficial cleaning, i really dont want to take the carbs off. plus, 4 carbs goind bad seemed kinda weird.

    gas is new, ive changed 2 plugs. It seems to spin well enough, but ive got little to compare it with

    The other day i put my hand on top of one of the carbs, and the bike started for a few minutes. couldnt keep it going, and had to keep off throttle and choke full on. But, i saw gas getting to the carbs when I had them covered. my dumbass opinion is leanng toward carbs being clogged. since only recently i started seeing gas in the carbs, i hope the cleaning might have worked. Thanks for the help

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