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  1. I have just seen Jeremy Clarkson's "Head to Head" video, in the video there is a Yamaha R1 bike racing around some track against a Porche Carrera 4. They race one lap (how silly is that?) and the porche wins, i can understand how the car has superior grip/handling as it turns a completely different way than the bike does, but you can also clearly see the car braking a lot better than the R1 (it is also commented how the car has superior braking), how is that possible?
  2. because a car has four tyres instead of two, and bike tyres are skinny and rounded while car tyre are wide n flat, have much more surface area gripping the road. plus, cars have 4 brakes while bikes generally have 2. also, the car generates more drag.
  3. I’ve got a Car & Drive from years ago in which various cars try to beat the old Shelby Cobra 427’s 0-100-0 record and one of the machines is a Kawasaki ZX9R for comparison. Its braking distance is ridiculously short in comparison to the cars that include things like 911s and Corvettes.
  4. I just watched the latest episode of 5th gear, they raced a Gallardo around a track and then a Ducati 999. The Ducati beat it the Gallardo time by .4 seconds, i think.
  5. I just watched the latest episode of 5th gear, they raced a Gallardo around a track and then a Ducati 999. The Ducati beat the Gallardo time by .4 seconds, i think.
  6. correct...i saw that too.
  7. oh, and it isn't just "some track"'s Thruxton.
  8. But in that Ducati vs Gallardo episode, the bike's .81 second lead dropped to only .16 after the braking zone.

    As mentioned, contact patch plays a huge role. Also keep in mind the car has a longer wheelbase (and probably a lower CoG), so it can make better use of those larger brakes in the rear. And in the case of the rear-engined Porsche, its weight distribution is ideal for braking. ABS can also help maximize braking efficiency.
  9. i think the most dramatic reason behind the greater braking force and more stable condition under braking is due to the lower center of gravity. in a bike, if the front brakes are used too agressively, the rear wheels can comfortably lift, where in a car the worst that can happen is for the fronts to break loose from their state of static friction.
  10. Thats a stupid question. If you THINK(yes I said think) about it a car has an average range of about 2500 lbs. A bike on the other has an average of 500-1000 lbs. A car has more HP. A bike has less HP. Now do you know why a bike would win a race instead of a car?
  11. BMW makes bikes with ABS.
    Not really useful to this thread, but an interesting application.
  12. don't honda goldwings have ABS as well?

    i dunno...
  13. I have never looked into Honda cruisers, but aparently they do:
    "Honda's proven Linked Braking System® (LBS®) provides superb braking power in a wide range of operating conditions. Optional model adds Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) for even better control during hard braking."
  14. this obviously explain why a World Superbike(~250 rwhp, 600lb) can do no better than a LM-GT class car(~450bhp, 2400 lb) around a track like Laguna Seca....or a MotoGP bike(~300rwhp 500lb) is about 30 sec a lap slower than a F1 car(~850bhp, 1320lb)...
  15. What the hell are you talking about you moron?

    A 1000cc sport bike weighs around 375 - 450lbs.
  16. pfft, not if it were a 350lbs fatass riding a goldwing.
  17. off topic, but the mot gp guys get going a bit faster down the straight aways, which is more than intense.
  18. I don't have any links or other evidence to show you guys, but a couple of years ago I researched this a little bit. Some magazine tested the brakes of at least a couple of the top sport bikes. The stopping distances from 70 mph were very close to the stopping distances of top sedans like the M5 and E55 AMG. That makes them almost as good as the best sportscars.
  19. So does Honda. A good rider doesn't need it.
  20. Nor does a good driver. Whats your point?
  21. sport bikes are normally less than 500lbs. also, he was asking how it was possible that the bike could not brake as fast as a car, not how it could beat a car at the track. and the car won in this test anyway, so your point is moot.
  22. The fact that you think a sport bike weights 1000Ibs is extremely humourous, and you've clearly proved how logical you are.
  23. A sports motorcycle will beat a sports car on a track (like Porsches, Lamborghinis and so on), as long we don't talk about high speed tracks (motorcycles have low top speeds and slow acceleration at high speeds). But when it comes to cars that use aerodynamic downforce and have similar power-to-weight ratios the motorcycles will be beaten.
  24. Unless of course you take away the straightaways like on an autocross. Then they would have trouble with a Miata.

  25. What car are we talking about? I already know were talking about a Ducati. What model of ducati? If its a 999 it takes 98.6 feet to stop from 120-0.

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