Bin Laden Dead

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 405HPZO6, May 1, 2011.

  1. hell yes

    Per CNN

    Obama to address nation soon
  2. Really?

  3. lol, yeah right
  4. Well that was worth the 11 year mission, thousands of deaths and billions of dollars.
  5. So is Hitler
  6. Explains why we closed up shop in Pakistan last week. Apparently that's when he was killed, they were just waiting on DNA confirmation.
  7. Oh, wait. It's real.
  8. Still not seeing any proof/can't find John King's article in which he supposedly cites sources.
  9. ugh dont you guys think killing him was kind of harsh
    a fine would have sufficed
  10. Finally!!! USA USA USA
  11. Trillions when you take everything into account. Oil prices, for a start.
  12. cool and all, but that doesnt really solve anything. Its not like he hasnt got like a million other dudes that can do the same damage.
  13. how many times do you think reporters will say obama instead of osama and vice versa
  14. 27-36 times
  16. In before retaliatory terrorist attacks.
  18. also explains why the military bases are on a elevated alert status
  19. did you know his middle name is hussein
    how on earth did he ever
  20. Interesting but too bad it doesn't matter. Always seemed like he had little to do with 9/11 and just took credit for it because he believed the US should get a slap in the face for all the Middle East meddling it does.

    With our scapegoat dead the public opinion of the war in Afghanistan is going to drop even lower. Vietnam 2.0 is almost over.
  21. bin laden tried to slape our greed
    but he is now dead
  22. now his just a martyr.
  24. probably of old age. congratulations america, only took a decade

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