Bin Laden Dead

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  1. that cost alot eh
    what a silly country
  2. this is the best news ive heard all day!
    finally an end to terrosim!

    we can all sleep soundly at night, for once, in a decate.
  3. #$%# YEAH!!!
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  5. Pres talkin now
  6. pres osama hussein
  7. not dead
    just gonna be reelected now
  8. feel bad for the terrorcore bros in arab countries <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  9. bout f├╝ckin time. this doesn't magically solve the islamofascism problem, since this shit's so splintered right now, but symbols certainly help. and at least this happened LESS than 10 full years since 9/11...
  10. woo
    only took 10 years
    where the best
  11. when was 11/9 i dont even remewmber
  12. so apparently some 944turb0 in nevada killed obsama in his PREDATOR DRONE 64 video game
    between chalupa bites
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  14. Im just glad this happened during southpark season.
  15. counter terrorists win
  16. delete that
  17. is that real
  18. Afghanistan is Vietnam 2.0? Are you sure you're thinking of the right war?
  19. lol is that a ref to that videogame>?
  20. ya
    FF was on
    right canaidans
  21. kill it with fire
    epic win
  23. ugh yay cant wait for the memery
  24. he's been dead for a while

    a major announcement about the death of bin Laden could be sending a message to someone relevant, someone who is an actual threat to our safety, or to provide a significant morale boost for everyone

    regardless, it's nice to finally put an end to the Osama story, however truthful it is
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