Bin Laden Dead

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  1. believe all you want, doesnt make it true

    adrian believes he is employed, doesnt make it true

  2. EAT SHIT Donald Trump and EAT SHIT British people. This is way more exciting than your inbred wedding.
  3. how is this exciting?

    it's just one man dead, nothing will change because of this.

  4. eh i have this username for about 3 years now.
  5. Well there goes my fantasy terrorist team. Gonna lose point this week.
  6. haha, they just said they will burry him in the ocean. way to lose all your credibility there.
  7. Jealous much that you dont have a royal family?

    Taliban will retaliate and crash a plane into tge whitehouse
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  9. i thought the guy was on his last legs anyway with some disease. but on the news they were saying he went down, guns blazin'.
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  11. Nah they popped out Total Recall style
  12. He was in some mansion type house. Im sure he had access to doctors and equipment compared to when he was caving it in the mountains
  13. The mansion according to
  14. Thats a #$%#ing palace in Pakistan.
  15. you've been in pakistan?
  16. No but ive had paki neighbors and their food smells terrible. I assumed their country was poor.
  17. This changed nothing, and the US is till run by dicks who went to war for money: not justice.

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    how he died:
  19. you better be joking

    pakistani food is some of the best in the world
  20. theyre making a pretty big deal out of that mansion on cnn, but i don[t see how its a surprise.
  21. are there any riots yet?
  22. Don't think there will be any, More likely there will be a ton of terror attacks around the world the next weeks.

    Edit : BTW, I heard last week that some high raking al-Qaida member had said that there is a hidden nuke somewhere in Europe that is supposed to be detonated if Bin laden ever got caught.
    So I guess we soon will see if he was right.
  23. Americans always saw him as some guy that lived in a Cave. Nevermind the fact his family was worth a billion+ dollars.
  24. Not far away from a military academy.

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