BIZZARRINI 5300 GTStrada and P538 now available for passionates

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    From December 5th, 2016, you can purchase a Bizzarrini 5300 GTStrada or P538 built in Italy with 70% of original parts of the 60ies.

    All like cars of the years 1965/70, with GM 5300cc engine, both in road and sport version, suitable for racing.

    Your dream car has 70% of parts manufactured during the years when the Scuderia Bizzarrini was in activity, both in production and in track events, while the remaining 30% of the components, mainly the parties governed by specific regulations not in force at that time, is produced today by expert craftsmen.

    Call us for more information: +39-333-8102586 or write [email protected]

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  2. While I disapprove your spammy commercial, tell me the price range and I might let this one pass.
  3. Thanks.

    Ranges go from xxx,000€ for the 5300GTStrada and yyy,000€ for the P538 (+ VAT if registered in Italy)
    The two versions of GTS have around 360hp the road model and well over 400hp for the race model 5300GTSport, suitable for the races.
    BUT, this info are only for you. If you should put them in my ad, please delete it. Trademark owner doesn’t want the price to be published in any way.

    Thanks again, Marco
  4. Lmao. Yeah. No one on this site has that kind of money.
    You know how many ZJ's it takes just to get yyy £?
  5. Well, I can think so, BUT.... if you help me selling a car, you will get 3% of the final price. So it is for everybody.
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    Sorry, don't understand. What do you mean? That Vasileios coud be interested in the cars or in selling them?
    I've understood and talked with Vasileios. Thanks
  7. Selling it, getting better pictures, buying it, tevs. That guy is legit living the life. I'm sure he has connections.
  8. Don't understand well your texts, but for sure I'm connected to the trademark owner, from Tuscany like me, and both living in Milan-Italy.
    I used to work for him for some months when I got out of IBM in 2005.
    I met him again last week for a strange reason and now I'm selling his sportcars really and seriously, no tricks. If you want to get some money, bring me a client and, once signed the contract, you'll get a 3% of the final agreed amount for the car purchase.
    In addition, we also have in mind to develop the project of a Bizzarrini with an electric motor. But for developing this project we need a rich sponsor.

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