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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SEABEE, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Why does everything have to have a dollar value? I like this new xbox, its not without faults, but the games look good, the kinect works well, and most importantly, I can use it on my big arse tv with a controller. I don't have to sit in a darkened room on some crapbox PC, playing a nerd game against other nerds, while running virus scans every day as a result of frequent self pleasure while switching between games. I can just sit on the couch and play some online games without giving a shit.
  2. If I were to buy a next-gen console, what would matter the most to me is how the controllers feel. The PlayStation ones always cramp my hands after a while, while the Xbox S ones have always felt great. So I'm hoping the Xbone controllers would be feeling more or less similar.
  3. Im the naive one and you think that most people still own CRTs and 40 inch screens are huge?
  4. oh cmon, one doesn't exclude the other
  5. that's what makes forza so disappointing. the new controller is supposed to be great. it has force feedback in the triggers. people have been saying you can really feel the road through the controller while driving
  7. Lol. Timely use of it.
    All this talk of who has the most inches, and how many inches are enough sounds way too much like over-compensation to me.
  8. I still have a crt, but its right next to my 37 inch lcd hdtv. I only use the crt for snes or other older games, as they look like shit on an hdtv.
  9. Yeah I still have a CRT as a spare tv.
    A while ago I bought a 30-something inch LCD for my bedroom, but don't use it much anymore (especially at night) as I'd normally wake up with eyes sore as #$%#.
  10. The irony being that you lose?
  11. everyone is disagreeing with you so i'm pretty sure you lose
  12. steam sale this weekend guys
  13. ps4 controller is a nice improvement.

    reso gun looks sweet.

    i'll pick one up in a couple of months.
  14. I'm really liking the new xbox's non-game stuff. I still have not picked up Forza/AC:BF/BF4, waiting for another buy 2 get 1 deal. While these games are not worth buying a $500 console, the future library sure will be, and with titanfall coming out in a few months I figured I might as well pick it up, not like there is going to be a price drop.

    going to pick up a play and charge kit so I can use the controller for my steam library, I have so many platformers that I haven't played because I only have a keyboard/mouse on my PC.
  15. drinkingcorn8

    You can be my first friend, on xbox and in real life. Get BF4, its good.
  16. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  17. Gentlemen,

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  18. It's snowing in gtav online
  19. what are you guys playing
  20. counterstrike global offensive

    was only 3.50 during steam sale
  21. There is not steam on consoles?
  22. Global offensive is for pc/mac too
  23. Macs are for emails and porn. PCs are for work and 1994
  24. pc is the best platform right now

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