Blitz skyline vs. corvette c5-r

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    first of all the C5-R was designed for a different purpose ... in a Le MAn race ok the C5-R will win cause the R348 can not a 24 hours ... but as long as performance is concerned ... the R348 kills the C5-R in any ways.

    second there is a big different between 0-60 and the 60 feet. the 427TT has a 1.9 sec 60 feet time ... which means that it can pass the 60 feet in 1.9 sec ... while a 0-60 means the time the car take to reach 60 MPH strating from 0.

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    No, thats 0-60 mph.

    The C5R also handles better. The Blitz had better acceleration.
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    I am sorry but there is no way any computer simulation can accurately compare to completely different cars. How can it be accurate if

    1. boost level is not entered
    2. camber measurements not taken
    3. castor measurements not taken
    4. downforce measured at speeds
    5. mechanical grip from downforce measured
    6. Brake rotor size taken
    7. Brake capiler size taken
    8. Brake pad type used
    9. Suspension springs rates
    10. Shock rebound measurements
    11. strut braces used
    12. roll cage installed
    13. Tyre grade (compare Toyo Proxy T1s to Bridgestone Potenze 710)
    14. Tyre air pressure
    15. Computer controlled 4wd system
    16. Computer controlled 4ws system (hicas)
    17. Water injection
    18. Nitrous injection
    19. turbo compressor efficency (boost maps)
    20. Drivetrain power lose (in and out of 4wd mode)
    21. Turning circle
    22. etc etc etc

    Really a basic computer program made to estimate a few parameters is fine but a track comparison is utter rubbish. Yeah you might see some F1 teams with something like that but they design and build their cars and can measure everything they need. Your average will938 can't do that. But if he wants to live in a dream world that's fine by me.

    p.s. Why does your car have brakes will?? so you can stop....or so you can go faster???
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    Holy shit, I never said it was perfect. But a 10 second gap is pretty revealing. 1/2 the things you list don't even matter enough or at all to include. #22. ect ect ect? It has #20, #15, #14, #5, and #4.

    The real world doesn't even work that well, this is assuming W-temp. and X-weather with Y-parameters will produce Z-results. Of course the real world can produce different results and has thousands of more variables, but when something can match other cars within seconds I call that precise.

    No car ever reaches its full potential.
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    All the points I listed except 22. matter to a cars handling, braking performance, and overall power delivery.

    ie Bigger better brakes mean you can stop faster so you can therefore be on the power longer (makes a huge difference on any car test).

    ie Rollcage adds weight to a car but also chasis rigidity which will help handling and grip around corners. So you could in fact corner faster, same with strut braces, tyre pressure.

    ie Compressor maps, Boost Levels, just when is the turbo starting to spool up and what is reponse like between gears, every turbo is different so these factors will contribute when peak power/torque arrives and drops off, you can also add cam timing to this.

    Just what figures did you use for #5, #14 #15 #20, There would be thousands of people out there who would love a simulator that can simulate a Nissan Skyline GT-R computer controller 4wd system. And power loss what figures did you use? or was it just a guess? same with tyre pressure, one of the keys to any race car is good tyre pressure, and the mechanical grip... just how did you work out these figures? gear ratios? I haven't seen them listed, final drive ratios? clutch type (twin plate, triple plate, these will not slip at all).

    Oh well have fun comparing my 1000hp bag of carrots to your 1000hp sack of spuds. I am sure if we get all the measurements and figures right it will be a great comparison.

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    ace actually i understood your comment fully.

    you actually believe that a lemans gts class car couldn't top 200 mph. this thing was made to show the world what quality parts blitz could put together on any number of cars. and if you didn't notice your own comment said that the lemans track was just a big straight; perhaps that's not what you intentioanly wanted to write, but unfortuantely that's what i'm reading on my computer screen. what's with your this is big man's b.i. shut the #$%# up.o just in case you didn't know there is a littel thing called the mulsanne straight in the lemans track (although now there is a bend so the insane speeds of before could not be fully achieved) but you've gotta be a fool to think that a c5r couldn't top 200.
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    blaze you are still postin on here. whats up havent talked to you in a while.
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    what are you talkin about.......go ride in your 1975 v8 mustang
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    i was responding to someone. i actually own a 240sx conversion to silvia so why dont you shut the #$%# up. the c5r is better than the blitz skyline (in case yo udidn't know the c5r is a lemans car a more befitting comparison would be a c5r vs. a jgtc 500 skyline). idiot. i like the skyline a lot.

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