bloody fools!

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  1. there are some people (mainly americans) who thick that this cars road version is better than the wrx just to set it straight if anyone can find me a standard one of these that can do 0-60 in under 5 sec pullover 1g in corners and 150mph then i will believe they are better but just for the idiots they ent. i cant believe that some of u think this is a production road car, sure its road legal but not a road car!<!-- Signature -->
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    Very true... Id be nice to see a 4wd version w/ more power. the WRX is a great car, and i cant wait for the STi. <!-- Signature -->
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    the sti has been out 4 a while<!-- Signature -->
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    Subaru did a very good thing by puting the inpreza wrx in massithe production. Too bad there is no 206 that powerfull and as good as 206wrc
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    and since homologation days are gone i doubt there ever will be!<!-- Signature -->
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    2 bad!

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