Bloody Vauxhall!!

Discussion in '2000 Opel Speedster' started by Nille SWE, Aug 10, 2002.

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    it's pretty cool though...
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    The lotus looks heaps better than this, i mean all things concidered there evenly matched in most departments except in the asthetics
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    no elise could kill the vx220 (speedster), an elise got 122 hp, the speedster 147, the turbo-version 192 hp and the steinmetz-version 225 hp...

    but the design of the elise is cooler, but the better engines has the speedster...

    ps: the speedster bases on the elise... (opel-lotus cooperation, like lotus omega)<!-- Signature -->
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    .........I know your intentions are good but your just wrong.

    The Elise actually only has 120bhp but does that matter.....the VX220 has a bigger engine(2.2)....they have the same 0-60mph time.

    And the Elise Sport 135 which costs a grand more than the VX220/Speedster gets to 60mph in 5.3secs.

    The Turbo version of this will get from 0-60mph in around 4.4 secs but there are plans for an official turbo Elise and the Elise 190 which is already out gets from 0-60mph in 4.4secs.

    The Elise looks better but the VX220 still looks cool and I'd prefer all that history in the Elise than a Vauxhall produced by Lotus.

    Don't get me wrong......I love this car but it was a bad idea for Lotus to make has benefited Vauxhall more than Lotus<!-- Signature -->
  5. Your killing Lotus!!!
    piss off and make your own cars and leave Lotus to make the brilliant and sexy M250.......if Lotus go under, then be expecting a mail bomb!!!....j'k!<!-- Signature -->
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    Very true that this car could kill Lotus. Too bad though, but now Lotus's last resort is America (thank God). Now we can get our grubby hands on some sweet cars. I am sorry that this may hurt the pure lotus (airbags and more crash protection), but i want my elise god damn it.
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    An elise would kill this !!

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