blow the diff in my VY

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by doyle, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. incorrect*

    i got an excuse, i'm a wog.
  2. "My diff be #$%#ed ah bro" would be more correkt.
  3. look the parts will be ordered in and and paid for by the dealership and then some of the boys will change it over, and then they will which up the log book and all will be good.

    The car will be like new when i sell it, new wheels and tyres and new diff with no sign of damage. The astra turbo will be purchased, The astra turbo has some serious pertensual
  4. you will never get an astra as fast as the ss, just mod the ss its very easy to get 330kw+
  5. i know that but the SS is annoying me, It is to heavy and bulky and the suspension is crap. I want the astra only for a few years. It is light and nibble and it will be fast when i am finished with it but after i am finished with astra i will go back to horse power. I just love the idea of a huge BOV on an astra it will be ok. If you have any better ideas for cars out of the holden range give me your ideas, remember i am happy to mod it.
  6. My only other idea is that in europe they sell a turbo kit for the new alfa engine which is the same as the new commodore v6 if i can get one of those kits that would be good and i would beat holden to the punch
  7. If you want something like what you just described, get something other than an Astra.
  8. i have driven the astra turbo for a while, it is a totally different car to the normal astra. And when it is dumped and i have a seat lowerering kit put in it will fell good. A commodore will always be a big bulky car no mater what you do
  9. why not just get a barina? its smaller <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  10. mate there are 2 things in life you will never see me do

    1) root a man
    2) own a Barina
  11. the other thing a abpout the commodore is the fuel in the next couple of years i will be going to uni full time and will not have the money for the petrol. I can get parts for nothing but i still have to pay for petrol like every one else
  12. lol!!

    i wouldnt be seen owning a barina either. What sort of price can you get the astra turbo for?

    also, fuel prices are going up steadily so in a few years even if you have an astra, your probably still gonna be paying the same amount for petrol overall as you are now with the SS.
  13. well i know but what you going to do. I could get a new astra turbo for about $27000
  14. there is a limited edition astra turbo convertible that looks intersting maybe if i bought the convertible it would look real classy and then to modify that would be good
  15. i wouldnt be seen dead in an astra convertible.

    for 27k you could get a very nice used car. i wouldnt be going for the astra turbo.

    have you looked at lexus ES400??? they are VERY nice cars, V8, leather, climate control, touch screen, etc. etc. you could get a mint one for under 25k.
  16. HAHA an Astra? Only an idiot would sell an SS for one. The suspension is worse than the commodore, they have struts at the front and my most hated suspension type torsion beam at the back. You have no LSD and it will just spin wheels all the time, that is if you remember to turn off traction control. If you ever take it to a race track you will get completely owned by other small cars such as renault clio sports, WRXs and pugeot 206 gti 180s. If you do burnouts in it like you do with your commodore youll probably destroy the gearbox as well.
  17. There is nothing wrong with the Astra, but selling an SS for an Astra? You gubong.
  18. you are a #$%#ing dumbass
  19. You mean your dad the used car sales man?
  20. why do you think my dad sells used cars. the dealership sells new and used cars.
  21. why do you think my dad sells used cars. the dealership sells new and used cars. but your all under estimating the european astra seen there is so many after market parts it i not funny. it will be fast when i am finished, with i get one. I think the astra turbo has a s2000 style to it, i have always loved convertibles. I want a holden so i can get parts for nothing that is why i am not going to go and by some thing else. If i was to by something else i would probley buy a lexus
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    Uhhhh because on the website it clearly states your dad sells used cars you stupid little bastard.

    Now what's say we send him an e-mail and let him and the REAL owner of the Southgate Holden dealership know about how you hide the prices of your parts in their customer's orders.
  23. dumb arse do you realise how many doyles there are in the world my father owns plaza holden not southgate holden. Anthony doyle is the senior manager of southgate not the owner.
    My father doesn't put his contact details on anything
  24. We'll just see what kind of response I get back on the e-mail thanks.
  25. go for it he will not have a clue. i dont he has kids.

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