blow the diff in my VY

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by doyle, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Other than exhaust, it's completly stock. 1/4 time should be low 14's I guess, I've never taken it to the strip. I was originally going to aim for 300hp (pretty simple really) but now I'm just going to focus on handling. Once I start taking it to the track, I figure handling will be alot more fun than raw power.
  2. Take it to the hairdresser and keep make-up in the glove compartment.
  3. My new fian'ce needs a new car so in a couple of years she can have it and i will buy somthing else. simple but in the mean time i will rice it right up, epecially if it is a convertible me girl loves them.
  4. Post some photos of you with your girlfriend (mother).
  5. right i will do that so you can #$%# them other or wank other them right t o i will go and post them
  6. What the #$%# was that?

    Seriously, I think you're drooling on the keyboard again.
  7. simple. i am not posting pics of my girl. because you will go straight to the toilet with them
  8. Sorry, but downsyndrome chicks really don't do alot for me.

    So now we have a 'reason' for you not posting photos of your 'girlfriend', what's your bullshit reason for not posting photos of you standing in front of 'your SS', holding a sign that says "IQ of 20, and proud!"?
  9. even people with down syndrome have standards...and a higher IQ than doyle.
  10. good on you
  11. Answer the question, dipshit.
  12. we want picks of a purple VY Series II SS wit some idiot with a sign saying "This is doyle, now you you believe me" on the bonnet.
  13. fine when i get the pics off my friend i will get him to take the pic and i will post it. that should be early next week
  14. We've all heard this before.
  15. um no you havent
  16. yes we have
    Whats stopping you, its YOUR car right???
  17. a camera, wanker
  18. holy shit, a person who has numerous worthy cars and no money for a little digital camera. How unlikely???? (by the way, that was sarcastic)
  19. by the way why would i want one. every one a know has one. i will access to one early next week
  20. that's a rather shitty explanation. you don't own one because you don't own anything...right???
  21. i don't own one because i dont need one
  22. Your a goose. Stop bull shitting and pissing every1 off. Don't make up stories and don't lie about the cars you own(u probably drive a 62 corolla).
  23. yesa that is what i own
  24. are the biggest douche ever...

    "I will post pics soon"

  25. I believe that the diff was blown. My diff was pissing oil every were. i had to take it back three times

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