blow the diff in my VY

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by doyle, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. haha...doyle has 2 accounts so someone will finally agree with him...
  2. why do you guys bag doyle so much
  3. because he's a compulsive liar and a stupid douche
  4. well that a good enough reason for me. I think i will hate him as well then.
  5. You're so stupid you even hate yourself.
  6. OMG you are retarded doyle.
  7. he really thinks we're buying his shitty scheme
  8. Both your accounts use the same IP ass face.
  9. hahaha....pwned
  10. Holy #$%#, Australia has issues.
  11. As if we didn't already know.
  12. The Australian car scene has issues. Or it seems so, going by the type of 'car enthusiasts' that come here.
  13. i think i might write howard to have doyle sent to NZ or something, we don't want him.
  14. But that's exactly my point. Those that blabber on about being a wog, a proud WOG, are those who see themsleselves different to Australians. Aussies to them, are "skips".

    IMO if you move to a country and assimilate into the society and culture of that country, then you should become a citezen of that country. All your offspring from then on, who are born into that country, are resident of that country, and from there should be considered as natives. It doesnt matter if you're a first generation or a 7th generation australian, we are all australians and thats it.

    Anyone from a international background (and that would be just about everyone) who has an "us versus them" mentality towards what they reffer to as the natives of this country, that are skips, should pack their bags. They obviously came after the "skips", and from their attitude, they beleive they are better. SO why don't they just go back to wherever they came from that made them better.

    Anyway, enough politics for me I'm out for the night....
  15. We could do with some more dumbasses to reseal our roads.
  16. You proved to me in our last IM conversation that you know nothing about IP's. You try to act like a badass internet hacker and don't even know that some ISP's use dynamic IP's which change everytime you log on. I used to have a wireless connection and that IP changed every 10 days.

    damn you really are a tard.
  17. obviously your logic is hazy. if the IP changes every ten days, then the same IP will register, and the same computer will still produce the same IP address.
  18. You are correct:

    Issue 1) = Doyle
    Issue 2) = VY Hero
    Issue 3) = Simon is fat
  19. so doyle, do you remember promising to post pictures at the beginning of this week? well the week starts tomorrow.
  20. Just like the first time he was challenged by myself, he wont be able to do it, he really needs to hang himself.
  21. I'm not fat you mother #$%#er. I'm not even big boned.
  22. That's laughable/funny/totally false, fatty.
  23. You need a hug
    His not fat his a arse clown though.

  24. You made 'arse clown' old, you bastard.
  25. it was ment to be i never liked it anyway its agianst the clown union, and it will come down on you like a circus tent you wait and see.

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