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  1. That's what she said.
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    But... but... but they can't do that!!! They're American engines they can't make over 100 HP/L!!!!!!!
  5. Oh, but it did!

    On a serious note, to this day, I still cannot believe they ditched the DOHC 32-valve design for the Corvette. The ZR-1 proved it was a superior engine design for the Corvette. With DRM cranking out 500 and 600 BHP Black Widows and Lane hitting 900 BHP. Most of the LSx you see on the cover of CHP or Car Craft that are hitting 900 or better are fed by a supercharger, turbo or by nitrous.

    GM could of taken the design in-house after the LT-5 and developed a superior engine to the LT-5.
  6. I think it had something to do with the whole "cost" thing. Even if they did them in house I bet they'd cost more than the LS motors. PLUS I suspect they tend to think more about performance from the factory, not what the engine can do when modded... And in that category the LS engines are amazing.

    In any event why does it matter that an LS engine needs turbos or a blower to hit the same figures? I bet FI LS engines are making better TQ than that 900HP NA LT5(it must be a high revving strung out as hell engine to hit those numbers, right?). The LS7 should be able to come damn close to those figures anyway I'd bet. I mean hell they get over 700HP with very basic mods. I'm sure doing some more extreme things should get you damn close to 900HP.
  7. "a direct descendent of the Black Widows powered by a 385 cubic inch 550hp engine that takes a mere 3.9 seconds to reach 60mph and just 19 seconds to 150mph covering the quarter-mile in only 11.8 seconds at 122mph"

    The 500HP Z06 is faster with 50 less horsepower. So, I guess OHV is still good without forced induction.
  9. First off that information is completely wrong, DRM never did a 385 LT-5. They did the 350, 368 and 402. The 550-600 BHP DRM 600 402 took 3.9 seconds to reach 60 and did a quarter mile pass at 11.25 @ 127 MPH. It also obtained a top speed of 200 MPH.

    Now comparing it to your Z06.. what kind of weight difference is there between the ZR-1 and Z06? About 200 pounds. I would sure hope that it is quicker than 11.8 seconds at that power output and 200 pounds less than the ZR-1.
  10. Performance from the factory was there! The Snake Charmer ZR-1 hit near 500 with no modifications except for cam timing.

    I could never find a dyno of Lane's ZR-1, so I cannot be certain on that comment of it being high strung. However DRM did dynos of their Black Widows. Their DRM 600 hits 600 BHP @ 6,500 RPM and 515 ft-lbs @ 5,200 RPM.
  11. BUT the dohc is bettur!!! u get like horsepowerws from the tuning.

    There's no reason for this argument.

    GM obviously has good reasons for using the design they do. Mainly it weighs less and costs less to produce I imagine, right? The engine is only part of the car and I wouldn't buy a Z06 to do drag runs.

    It has proven itself to do more honourable things like actually beating Ferraris around race tracks.
  12. Well like I said I think cost was probably a big factor. God knows DOHC engines have some advantages, first and foremost being their potential HP/L. That figure however means little to me, so I'm perfectly happy with the radtasticness that is the LS series of engines.
  13. You poast is teh correctness.
  14. It would have become the engine Chevrolet would of continued to produce for the top-end Vette, if it weren't for 1995. In 1995, Doug Rippie Motorsports, the same people who supplied the Black Widow ZR-1s, decided to try their hand to build the ultimate LT-5 for racing. DRM formed Team USA with John Paul Jr, Chris McDougall and James Mero and entered the #30 Corvette ZR-1 in the 1995 LeMans 24-hours.

    After 57 laps, the 6300cc LT-5 beast gave up the ghost. I never could find out exactly what happened, I can only assume it befell the same fate that plagued Fastlane's ZR-1 in the beginning, a snapped timing chain. Fastlane had deckplates designed to eliminate the snappage.

    If it had proven itself in 1995, the LS1 would of been very different.
  15. That car looks sick as hell. The un-curvyness of the C4 looks great with the racing treatment.
  16. ZR1 engines wwere lotus built n00b
  17. Technically they were not built by lotus.
  18. The cylinder heads were DESIGNED by Lotus, but the engine was actually built by Mercury Marine.
  19. If only they would of
  20. Oh well. The C5R and C6R engines have proved to be legendary for reliability for the past 10 YEARS in LM/ALMS. Can't really ask for more. They make more than enough power for road racing in NA form (which everyone overlooks) and if drag/top end becomes a priority then FI is a no brainer.
  21. Then at least people wouldn't be able to talk crap about the Corvettes "primitive" engine!
  22. I love it when people talk crap about the Corvette's "primitive" engine.
  23. This was the Nurburgring yesterday. The fog is plainly GM-induced to keep the Blue Devil from dipping into the 6 minute range before it's production-ready.
  24. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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