Blurry night show with Canon A590IS - why ?

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by liran, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Hello
    Maybe I should have put this topic on a photography forum, but I count on this forum on car related photos, because I learned a lot from this forum about car photography years ago...
    I took some night shots of cars with this camera, put it on manual "TV" mode, and set the shutter to 4-5 seconds. On a tripod, and with 2 seconds self timer - and the photos came out far from being sharp - the car is all blurry ! and even the backround has some noise, and it's 80 ISO. Same shots with 4 years old cheap Casio camera came out very neat and sharp with 2 seconds shutter. Any idea what can I do so cars in the the images won't be so blurry ? Maybe this is how it is in this camera ?
  2. maybe it was too dark for that lens/camera to focus properly?
  3. mmm that's possible actually, so if was like focused on spot that was far from the car, and couldn't focus on the car ? It makes sense, but weird, because an older and cheaper Casio camera handled with shots like this pretty well. So I have to manual focus or something ?
  4. Turn IS off when you are on a tripod.
  5. why turn it off ? this will stop the blurriness ? why ?
  6. Ok, did some experementing now - I did manual focus and it came out neat and sharp ! probably too dark for the camera to focus well. thanks a lot for the tip.
    For those who knows this camera series - when I press on down arrow button with the flower painting on it on shooting mode, it has a little menu on the top of the screen for the focus - from 1 to 5 meters to infinity, and when i press the +- button, it gives me "MF" but this time from "-2" to "+2". What's the difference between them ? from 1 meter to infinity i got it, but what is MF "-2" to "+2" ?

    P.S. this is really a good professional photography forum <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> thanks
  7. Most compact cameras can't focus properly in low light conditions, that might have been the case. Same thing about the noise, cameras with small sensors can't cope with long exposures, even at base ISO. In that case the noise isn't all that bad, though.
  8. So is there any way to reduce the noise in night shots at this camera ?
  9. probably cause theres 2 brightass lights in the background and the cars black.

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